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class="f12pix" Last night at a NYE party my gf dropped my Panasonic Lumix digital camera. The zoom won't work and the LCD screen is shot and can't see anything except a white screen with a cracked line (not the screen itself- just the picture).

This this cost me $400 and I got it in August. Can I get it repaired or do I have to go get a new one???
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had a search on ebay and didnt find a screen for any panasonic camera but found some for cannons, $100 for none genuine so itll be an expensive repair job i think as u say zoom wont work either

in the handbook there should be a contact address or maybe number they will be able to advice u further

i take my spare old camera to parties etc cos thats where a camera can easily get bust

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The only experience I have with getting a camera repaired is with a Minolta srT-101 that I left on the roof of my car as I drove off.

The camera was as good (or better) when I got it back as it was before I broke it, and it was cleaner!

Send it off and get an estimate first. If its less than half the cost of a new one, repair it.

But, given how fast the digital camera market changes, if you would really prefer to get something else, consider this as a sign from God that you should.
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Bought it in August? If you had dropped it in September, the result would the same. It's probably not worth keeping, but the the lesson might be. Digital cameras are computers with lenses. They're pretty fragile items that should be carefully handled. I put my camera gear on my homeowner's insurance policy (a rider) that covers my clumbsiness, but I still treat my camera and lenses as if they were made of glass... oh, yeah, they are.
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Good opportunity to have your girlfriend get you a new camera.

You can look for an authorized Panasonic repair place in your area and get an estimate first and figure it out from there.

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