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Photo 5 Jan 23, 2007 11:34 AM

Has anyone used a USB bridge to transfer photos while on the road from their digital camera to a portable hard drive. I was looking at the following and wondering if it is any good. The idea is I will be traveling for a week this summer and won't have the laptop with me (due to having to leave in the hotel room when I go out) but my 40GB mini hard drive can fit into my camra bag easily, which I will be carrying with me everywhere. How fast is their transfer of a 1GB card and how long does its battery power last.

milrodpxpx Jan 23, 2007 11:50 AM

i just picked on up on ebay last week. First thing first, it won't power an external harddrive by itself. You would need to plug it in to draw power (the bridge is powered by 2 AA batteries - it can power flashdrives and cardreaders though).

This is how I will be using it: i'm getting a new mp3 player (sandisk e270, 6gb) - because an mp3 player provides its own power, it will work with it as long as the player itself has Universal Mass Storage capability. The best way to do the transferring, because it is USB 1.1, is to have 2 memory cards that you can switch out - 1gb of info will probably take around 15 minutes to transfer. The manual states that batteries will power the unit 6-8 hours, so no need to worry there.

By the way, I wanted to do the harddrive as well, but found out by a post on made by an actual delkin rep that said it won't power a USB-powered harddrive - you can always try, but i'm sure they did testing already to come to that conclusion. I looked at the device alittle over a year ago - they used to have a compatibility list on their website, but its not there any longer.

How much storage space do you think you'll end up needing by the way?

Photo 5 Jan 23, 2007 12:14 PM

Thanks for the excellent information you have provided for me. My external hard drive only has 2USB cables with it and drawas power from my laptops USB ports. I appreciate what you told me which means it will probabbly not work well for my needs.


milrodpxpx Jan 23, 2007 2:49 PM

no problem! I thought it would awesome with a usb-powered harddrive as well; although somewhat disapointed, as long as the mp3 player works with it that will satisfy my storage needs (i can delete music off the player for trips, 6gigs on that plus 2 1gig memory cards will do me plenty).

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