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dtarrio Jan 31, 2007 11:53 AM

Anybody knows why Steve's didn't made a review about the Panasonic FZ50?.

And surprisingly neither FZ30 nor FZ50 are in the group of Best Ultra Zoom Cameras in this site?. :O (they made the SonyH2 andH5 review, and the Canon S3istoo.

The FZ50 is my 5th digital camera (after F828, S2is, Pro1,...) and i think this Camera leads the top five of this group.

For me this site is one of my favoritesabout Cameras Reviews (with dpreview) and i used totake their reviews for decision when i bought a new camera, but i had to buy the FZ50 without the Steve's opinion. Thanks dpreview/dcresource/cameralabs, I'm very pleased with the choice i made.

a little advice: Please Steve's Digicams,could you be up to date with the cameras reviews? (at least with the leaders like Panasonic).

PD: I know, my english isn't good (i'm from Argentina and i'm learning).

steve Jan 31, 2007 1:54 PM

The FZ30 was on the list right up until the last update. It was removed because it is almost impossible to find now. The FZ50 was not reviewed as were a number of other cameras last year because of time, availability and a lack of reviewers. With the number of cameras introduced every year there is no way we can review them all, sorry.

We have towork within a 30-day "loan window" from the manufacturers and often when they have a camera available we don't have the time to do it as we're already working on others that must be returned before their loanexpires. Back in the days when there was only one major introduction per year it was hard enough but now we have two and sometimes three intros per year which makes it impossible unless I had a staff of 20 reviewers, which I do not...

dtarrio Jan 31, 2007 3:48 PM

thank you for your answer. I visited this site lot of times searching the FZ50 review (i really like your reviews and wished to listen your opinion about that camera). I hope to reach my next camera with your thumb up. (Mainly because in Argentina we dont have the posibility of return a camera when after a trial we didn't like , so we have to be sure about our camerapurchases).

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