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I am considering purchasing a camera from eBay, but I am concerned about the chances of purchasing someone's broken camera. If that happens, is there anything I can do about it?
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depends as to how advert it worded as to wether u could do anything about it, if it says its in perfect working order then it has to be and u can try get a refund

when i got my olympus e-300 i looked on ebay and a second hand one wad only £50 cheaper than a brand new one from a store, there where refurbs about too, u can also get a refurb thinking its brand new if ur not carefull

i guess the question is how much are u looking at spending.....my camera was £450 and no way was i taking a chance on ebay........with a shop u can take it back if it dont work and u got a proper guarentee


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dupe post.....sorry
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Read all the fine print. See if they have a return policy, if they don't you may be taking a chance. Check their feedback. I've bought quite a bit of equipment from e-bay, have been lucky so far. But just be sure to read everything on there ad and don't be afraid to send them a question about the item.
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Old Feb 9, 2007, 8:45 PM   #5
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If you are unsure, contact the seller. Use Paypal if possible, as it offers some protection. ebay also has a dispute resolution section if item isn't as listed. In my case, I got a very nice, well taken care of camera for a very reasonable price.

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Old Feb 12, 2007, 8:59 PM   #6
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I bought a Pentax Optio s50, clearly advertised as a refurb, from a NY based ebay company. The site advertised full Pentax 90 day warranty. The camera had a defective main board from the day I received it. The company selling it said all questions on defective products had to go directly through Pentax.

The good side is that Pentax unhesitatingly honored the warranty. The downside was that after waiting three weeks to get the camera initially, I then had to send it off to the Pentax center in Colorado and wait five weeks to get it back.

The end result is that my wife wound up with a very nice purse camera for a VERY low price, but I had to deal with numerous hassles to get to that point.

Previously, I had purchased my Olympus C-750 as a refurb off e-bay and got an extremely good camera at a substantial savings. Again, the camera was clearly identified as a refurb.

Over the years, I have made more than 250 purchases off ebay and only gotten really burned once. Check feedback ratings carefully before you buy, and be leery of very low numbers in the feedback rating.
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Old Feb 13, 2007, 6:12 PM   #7
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I purchased a camera off ebay many many years ago, before the digital era. I purchased some medium format equipment.

In those days ebay was relatively safe. Today, I wouldn't go near ebay with a 10 foot pole. It, and it's companion, Paypal, are scam central. Way, way too much fraud on ebay now and Paypal is complicit in the fraud.

My suggestion: purchase from a reputable retailer. Many also sell used equipment.
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If you purchase cameras off eBay, read EVERYTHING carefully. A huge problem with cameras and equipment on eBay is that they are "grey market," meaning the warranty is not covered in your country. If you're going to consider eBay, at least try and use the more reputable sellers. Read and browse through the seller's feedback. Specifically ask if the equipment is grey market equipment. Keep records of the transaction. Preferably use PayPal, as they offer buyer protection.
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Old Feb 13, 2007, 10:28 PM   #9
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I have purchased from Cameta Camrea on ebay four times; all with great results. Two DSLR bodies & two lenses. The reassuring part is that in order to complete the sale you are given a number to call the company directly with payment information. At this time you can ask all of the questions want to a LIVE PERSON! Naturally, they'll suggest add-on's but they've never been pushy about it. The best part about Cameta is that each time I got exactly what was advertised for the price indicated (no surprises on the shipping charges). That live help is nice too as most times on ebay you have to put your trust (and money) into an unseen, unknown entity.
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I would echo stowaway's comments. I have bought3 digital cameras on Ebay and sold a couple, too. No problems. I, too, have had a good experience with Cameta.

I would use one of three reduce the odds of getting cheated:

1) look at the seller's rating and number of ratings this seller has had AND read the comments.

2) Check out the shipping rates. Make sure they are reasonable. It's better if insurance is available.

3) check out sites like http://www.pricegrabber.com and see what the best prices from several reputable dealers are before buying a new camera on Ebay.

In short, be informed.

The only time I have gotten burned on Ebay was when I bought some software from a seller on a different continent. She had good ratings (but not many) and, right after I bought from her, she was banned from Ebay. I wrote her to ask why she had been banned. She replied that she had no idea and that my software was already in the mail. I waited for a month and finally got the software, obviously a copy burned from an original.

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