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We get requests from time to time for new forums. There was one recent thread a while back with a lot of different requests.

But, each new forum we add also adds to page load times, bandwidth used and more. So, Steve has to keep all of that in mind before using the resources for a new one. We've got some forums now that don't get a lot of threads (and Steve removed one forum not too long ago to help out with page loads).

We do see some concert pics being posted. Heck, I've posted a few myself. See this thread for one example:


But, I just don't think it warrants a separate forum at this point.

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Scotious wrote:
hey, thanks, labratt, I kind of like that photo, too, but it was a total accident. What I'm really trying to figure out is the best setting on my Oly UZ770 to use for shooting in these often low light situations. Blurry I can get. sharp is not that easy. It always seems like there is a lot of light, and to the eye, there is, but not to my camera, whose fastes ASA is 400.

And, Kalypso:

-- We Know About The People Forum--

That's where we *have* been posting! We get it!

>>The best Forum for concert photos would be the "People Photos"<<
With a fastest ASA/ISO of 400 and what I assume is a fastest f/stop around 4.5 or 5.6, getting sharp pictures in typical small venue concert conditions is going to be TOUGH.

You might try setting the camera on manual at your fastest ISO setting and your fastest f/stop and 1/60 exposure. That will freeze the action unless they are head-banging. Then the question will be whether or not you had enough light.

You might get some nice shots with just the subject lit and an inky black background. Or not.

Good luck.
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This topic has been answered and is now wandering so it is being closed.
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