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Amen Hun!
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sorry if i stepped on your toes


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Caboose is absolutley right. If you are really afraid that people will steal your images, then you should register them. I've dealt with IP attorneys before, and that is exactly what they will tell you. What I've been told (and this part seems wrong to me) is that you shouldn't register too many of them at once. Some how, the believe is that judges feel you care more about them (or some such hogwash) and it will effect your settlement. Doesn't make sense to me.

Registering does effect the type of damages you can get, I've been told.

I would suggest you don't print the cards yourself. I do it, and I've been told by a few people that I should get them printed for me. They use a thicker card stock which holds up better. Photo paper doesn't hold up well to the treatment you give a business card.

Writing a bio isn't that hard. Write about what you shoot and what. Throw in some things about where you've shown your work before and who's published it. End with something about organizations you do things for (or give images to.)

And others are right. I know you were unhappy about him altering your image... I fully understand. But you need to be more polite about it. A HUGE part of being a successful photographer is dealing with people. If you can't deal with such things politely, you won't succeed. Doesn't matter if you're a great photographer or not, if people don't like you then you'll sell less. They don't have to like you, but the can't dislike you.

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Dap_photography wrote:
Where did you read the article? and How do I go about doing this?

The article "Please Release Me" page 36 is in the March 07 edition of Outdoor Photographer. There is also information about release forms, information about other rights we have as photographers, where we can and can not take photos among other things. As far as the copyright info goes you can log onto http://www.copyright.gov/forms to down the the forms to register you photos.
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