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8 x 10 is such a popular size, but why not 8 x12? That's the ratio my camera (Canon Rebel XT) takes pictures in. I want to make some prints and have them framed.

Any good online stores offer this?

Thanks in advance!
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Digital cameras make exposures at the same aspect ratio as 35mm film cameras. 35mm film cameras make exposures of 24mm x 36mm, which is an aspect ratio of 2x3. (The choice was entirely arbitrary, but it was made a long time ago and we're stuck with it.) So most comon photo sizes (3x5, 5x7, 8x10, etc.) involve some cropping. Only 4x6 prints are "full frame" prints.

If you absolutely, positively must print and display 8x12 photos, that will almost certainly require custom framing.

But another problem you're likely to have is finding 8x12 photo paper, because again, it's a non-standard photo size.
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You could always have your processing and framing done online. Mpix for one, offers 8x12 prints with framing. Some of your nicer hobby and frame shops carry "create your own size frames", where you purchases pieces in the lengths you need and assemble them yourself.
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Old Feb 28, 2007, 7:30 AM   #4
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Adorama has some 8x12" Frames available. You'll see some search features on the right side of this page. Click on 8x12" and press search and you'll see the results for 8x12" only.

Formatted Frames at Adorama.com

Another way to approach it is to use a border around your images for more framing flexibility. Many image editors have this ability. The visible border will be different widths on two sides after you crop for the corrrect aspect ratio. But, it's really not that noticeable if you use a color that blends well.

I do this from time to time when I frame a bit too tightly for comfort to prevent cropping anything that I want in an image.

You can use a larger 11x14" frame with a mat around the image if a larger size is desired (since the border will take up some of the viewing area).

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Though I haven't ordered anything from them yet, I am planning to get a custom matted frame for a pano of 8"x36" from http://www.pictureframes.com/

My big problem is having too many choices - there are entirely too many possible selections.

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Old Mar 1, 2007, 11:07 AM   #6
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i am not sure if we ship to the states, but i work for a camera/photographic chain here in canada and we definitely do sell some 8x12 frames!

www.blackphoto.com is the chain's website, obviously any opinions i post are not those of the company yada yada yada. I just checked and it doesn't look like they show any of their non-digital frames online, but there may be a contact there you can have a look at. Good luck!

by the way, elduderino, i can see you're not into the whole brevity thing. :)
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Ikea (Europe, including UK) have a lot of fairly nice pre-made frames at very reasonable prices.

One of which is (almost) 8x12 - all sizes in Europe are metric.

Not sure what they sell in US, but worth a look.
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