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Have a Sony Cypershot DSC-H1; image size setting 5M, pixels 2592 x 1944. Going to Africa; want to get some shots to enlarge later. Have four 2Gand one 1Gmemory sticks; 32 Lithium AA batteries; half the trip is camping so not near stores; doubt this is enough but need to travel light. Any suggestions most welcome!
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A tripod is always nice to have, and a power inverter so that you can operate battery chargers and other AC gear from an auto battery -- if you're going to have a vehicle present at all times while camping. And, unless you're sure you won't be maxing-out your memory cards, take a laptop or a device dedicated to storing digital files. I've seen little battery powered 30GB factory reconditioned hard drives for $50.00. Of course, if money isn't real tight, I'd get a new one.
Make sure your rig includes a lens cleaning kit.

Of course, your camera bag is weatherproof....

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The absolute lightest thing you can do it buy a whole mess of memory cards. They are small, light, and do not require power. The problem is that once you buy more than 8G or so, they are not worth it. It's a better deal to buy a hard disk that you can download to and has a screen so you can view the images. Something like the Epson P-2000 (now replaced with a new model) or something similar.

If you go with a portable hard disk/image-tank like device make sure it has good battery life. And consider buying an extra battery just in case. The P-200's battery could download around 10G on a single charge. At the time (1 1/2 years ago) that was by far the best battery life available. Most died after around 5G. You can take 5G of pictures in a day *easily* on a fun trip. So that clearly isn't enough.

For batteries, I'm not sure what you should do. They are just not inherently light. You could look into a solar powered charger, but then you'd have to carry that (and they break easier than the equivalent in weight in extra batteries.

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...I went to Africa last summer with a D200 and a G4 laptop. 8-thousand photos RAW and backed up and burned everything to DVD. That was in addition to everything saved on 2 separate hard drives (one internal, one external.)

You may not need as much, but there's nothing quite like a laptop to offload your photos every night and get a view of them with Adobe Lightroom or something similar.

I also took a tripod and used it for panoramas...but it isn't all that handy, even though I had an 80-400VR lens. I would only take a tripod if I really use it a lot.
Beanbags in the landrovers were what got used the most for telephoto work.

If you are camping, you will still have vehicles that can be used with an inverter to charge your laptop and camera batteries. A good case to hold all your gear is a must. Along with cleaning cloths, a brush and maybe some of those disposable lens wipes.

I had one 4GB Lexar 133x and 2 2GB 133x cards. The 4GB definitely got a workout. They're cheaper now...but without some way to copy the files off to a hard drive, you would need a ton of them if you plan to shoot a lot.

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I say do a pratice run, at home test out what you have, and do b not spare a single thing b/c if you are going to hold back you'll wind up wishing you have taken more than less

if you see something do not pass it up buy i, b/c you may never have that chance again?

added note a solar panel or solar recharger for rechargables may be an idea
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