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Well, since Steve is a hockey fan I figured I could maybe make a post about this years playoffs.

Congrats to Tampa on an excellent series and an amazing game 7 to take home the cup. This wasn't the results I was looking for. I had high-hopes that my home town Calgary Flames would have won the cup in game6 at home. The one and only time we have won Lord Stanley's Cup was in 1989 in game 6 but that was in Montreal at the Forum. Not to take anything away from Tampa and their win but Calgary had an absolutely amazing run through the playoffs and one for the record books.

Calgary finished 12th overall and 6th in the west this year just 5 points from not making the playoffs for the 8th year in a row! Dispite this the Flames beat the Vancouver Canucks (3rd in the west, 8th overall) in 7 games then Detriot (1st in the west and overall...the best team in the 2003/04 season!) in 6 games and finally The San Jose Sharks (2nd in the west and 3rd overall) in 6 games. This made the Flames the first team in NHL history to defeat all three division champions on the way to the cup.

The Flames also hold another record I was amazed to read about.....the best selling hockey jersey off all time. Their home red jersey passed the late 90's Rangers jersey as the best selling jersey ever. I believe they said that both Koho and CCM were running 95-98% of their production capacity manufacturing the Flames home Jersey. Kind of evident if you watched any games from Calgary with the Sea-of-Red (also heard that during the Sharks-Flames series over 100000 Flames home jerseys were sold!). Where I work (small store)we managed to easily sell through 6 boxes of 100 Flames car flags from game 6 vs Detroit through to last Saturday....you turned out to be the odd man out if your car wasn't sporting some sort of Flames supporting logo....etc.:-)

Game 7 the Lightning came out to play and did an amazing job. My sincere congrats to them and the city of Tampa. I'm a little disapointed with the results.... well of cource, but to go from no playoff hockey in this town for the last 7 years to be playing game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals and being able to cheer the first Canadian team in 10 years to make it there thats from my home town who weren't even expected to make it to the playoffs and was considered a write off during the regular season..... I could not be more proud of the team!

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Just think of all the times you will get to see the score in game 6 that wasn't counted now that the team lost. Calgary got shafted, but I still take a perverse relish thinking of constant reruns of "what should have been".

The Lightening played aggressively until the power play score in the last period. I thought they were mostly hanging on from then – probably because the Flames really stepped it up. I think the announcer was right at the end of the game when he said that nobody lost that series. Both teams played their hearts out.

This isn't hockey country like Calgary. Half of the people watching the game probably couldn't properly define "off sides" (raises hand). It wasn't like winning the Super Bowl. There was a lot of horn blowing, but not the big commotion. Even the Super Bowl was subdued down here in terms of damage – a psychologist on public radio said we probably just don't know how to act since we never won a major title before. I was in downtown Philadelphia a long time ago when they won the Stanley Cup and felt I should run for cover. I felt it odd that the group of Canadians hired to wear Flyer jerseys beat the group hired to wear other jerseys could cause such commotion – but it is easy to be objective when you are an outsider. The Lightening obviously demonstrates all that is good in Tampa Bay.
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You are right about that goal that wasn't a goal. They said it was in the air so it might not have been over the line.....on the front page of the papers the next day they showed some nice high speed dslr camera shots with it on the ice over the line. Oh well.... as much as I would have loved the cup, to win it with a judgement call by someone upstairs watching replys is not how a championship should be decided.

I would have been amazing to go down to The Red Mile yesterday night if we did win. On Saturday when we lost here at home there was still over 50000 people that went down 17th ave to cheer. Estimates if we would have won were in the 100000 range... thats over 1/10th of the cities population!:shock:

To make with a more legit photo discussion....heres a couple shots I took at Woody's pub...where I went to watch the game with my girl:

Just watching the game at the start:

After we scored:

These are all taken with my c750uz with the wcon0.7 attached at 400iso! Who says that iso400 on a camera like this is basically useless.... im fairly impressed with the results.

We all stood for the national anthems, and after the game stood once again and gave a standing cheer for an amazing run!

Here's hoping there is a hockey season next year as I really want to go to the first home game next year to see a couple new banners raised to the rafters of The Dome!:-)

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