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Ive been looking at getting a digicam for a while now but Ive been waiting for a price drop on the one I want - but a few days ago I figured why not just get a camera phone? I only want to take pics for the web so I dont need many megapixels and it would be handy to have my camera with me all the time without being weighed down with another unit.

I came very close to buying one on the Verizon website, but I read the fine print and realised you cant connect the phone to your PC to transfer them. Well, I wanted to be able to do that so I called Radio Shack, nope, all their camera phones also force you to pay extra for sending the pics you have taken through e-mail rather then just being able to transfer to your PC via a wire. They suggusted I call the Verizon store - guess what? All the camera phones they have dont allow you to transfer your pics to a PC either - but the lady on the phone said not to worry - its only $3 to transfer 20 photos and 25 cents a photo after that. I could go through my 20 in a day or 2 and after 30 days I would have quite a wireless bill.

What a scam. I think cameraphones do exist that allow you to transfer your files to your PC but verizon decided not to include them in their network because they will make moremoney that way, and from people who bought acamera phone and didnt realise they would be forced to pay extra for each pic they wanted to save on their PC.

So I bought a Powershot a75 for $250 at Target. Oh well.
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Same reason that you get a $400 cellphone for next to nothing as long as you sign up for somebody's cell service.
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It sounds like the Radio Shack rep needs to do their homework.

I've got a Sanyo Camera Phone with Sprint PCS. My plan (Sprint PCS Free and Clear America) includes unlimited Vision (Sprint's name for their Internet access on phones, as well as their "picture pack"option for sending photos).

So, I can take all the photos I want, and send them via e-mail (from the phone) to anyone with an e-mail address (including to other Sprint PCS Vision users).

Basically, the photos are sent to a Sprint Server, and you're really e-mailing a link to the photo. However, you candownload the photo if you want from their server (simply "right click" on it, and save it to your PC).

With my plan, there is NO extra charge forUNLIMITED Vision -- unlike some carrier's plans, which charge extra (or use your minutes) for messages, e-mail, internet access, etc.

My plan is as follows:

2 Phones, 2000 shared anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited Sprint PCS to PCS (mobile to mobile), no long distance charges, no roaming charges to other carriers (I sometimes roam to Verizon in rurual areas), unlimited Vision (internet access, e-mail -- including photos).

I'm spending $110.00/month for this plan (total for 2 phones with all of the above). This is about what I was I was spending for just my wife's phone with AT&T. 2000 anytime minutes is a lot for this price (especially considering the other "perks"). Note that only the "PCS Free and Clear America" plan includes roaming to other carriers. The standard "PCS Free and Clear" plans only allows roaming within the Sprint PCS Network. The "America" option(forno charge roaming to other carriers)was $10.00/month more when I switched to Sprint ($110.00 with roaming, versus $100.00 without).

They've got less expensive plans with Vision, too (for those that do not need 2000 anytime minutes, etc.).

BTW, the photo quality from these phones stinks. It's a neat gimmick, but the resolution and quality will need to increase substantially to make it practical to replace a "real" camera. I keep a Konica KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta G500) in my pocketfor photo ops.

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A lot of the Nokias use memory cards or USB transfer.

I wouldn't recommend the 3320 though. Camera sucks.
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