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herbtwocrows Jul 5, 2004 10:32 PM

CCD specs often say something like 1/2.5 inches or 2/3 inches.

What exactly does this mean? The second value would seem to be a dimension that is a fraction of an inch, but then what does the first number mean? .4 inches? If so, why express it like 1/2.5?

Also, I notice that no number is not goven for CMOS imagers. Why is that?

Thanks for your help.


bradg Jul 5, 2004 10:49 PM

im lost....

steve Jul 5, 2004 11:03 PM

That is the physical size of the imager chip itself. Click the link below to see a graphic depiction of the various sized imagers, both CCD and CMOS, that are used in digicams.

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