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Cybershot455 Jul 8, 2004 6:24 AM

Anyone from the UK used this onlinestore?

I was looking at the memory sticks and wondered what make they are, all their samples are carefully placed in the images so you can't see the brand logo!

I don't think they are Sandisk from the "lock" button position.


Tinsnail Jul 8, 2004 7:15 AM

I wouldn't buy from 7dayshop.

they are based in guernsey, and as such you are liable for duty and vat cos it's not in the EU.
this in itself is not the problem, but the fact they they hide this little fact from you in the small print that makes me distrust them.

try ebuyer, or amazon.
i bought my memory from ebay and it was the cheapest i could find anywhere. just choose a seller with high feedback.

Cybershot455 Jul 8, 2004 7:24 AM

Thanks for that. I was aware of their location and like you a bit wary...but after all folks get some decent and reliable deals from the most unlikely sounding EBay sources so they could still be OK.

I wasn't 100% sure about the import duty and VAT issue but had added it into the prices just in case.

The only reason for asking about their memory was because they have a Vivitar flash I want at a good price...thought I'd get a few other small things while I was at it.

I still may give them a go for this low value order...I hope the credit card company would protect me if it all went wrong.

Be interested to hear from anyone who has used them.


Harryo Jul 8, 2004 9:47 AM

I have used them a number of times without any problems.

They are not the fastest delivering but have been reliable.


Cybershot455 Jul 8, 2004 10:48 AM

Thanks Harry. I wonder how slow the delivery might be...a week...two weeks?

Did you get hit for customs etc?


fenlander Jul 8, 2004 1:16 PM

I once ordered some films from them before going on holiday. When they didn't arrive, I cancelled the order and reordered elswhere. The replacements came the next day, closely followed by the original order from 7DayShop - they hadn't cancelled.

I've also had to return poor quality ink cartridges to them - they were replaced with no problem.

I've never had to pay duty. They tend to pack goods in multiple packages to keep the value of the individual items down.

They are slow. If you email them, theytend to answerthe questions they wanted you to ask, not the ones you did ask. If you phone them, they're generally quite helpful.

They are also just about the cheapest source for many items - I've had Smartmedia cards from them way below anyone else's price and they continue to function well.

So it's a mixed report. Alternatives in my bookmark list are Scan (for hardware) and XLShop (for papers, inks etc.). Being mainland-based, they're much quicker and prices are competitive.


Cybershot455 Jul 8, 2004 2:36 PM


Hello from a NW Fenlander to a SE Fenlander!

Useful information. I'm still minded to try them. I might stick to branded items where I know how exactly how much I'm saving. I'll also pay the surcharge for guaranteed next day dispatch and see if that gets them on their toes.

I'll perhaps leave those unknown brand memory sticks for now.

We're off on our hols in 6wks so that's my deadline for one of the main items....they can't take nearly that long...can they?


fenlander Jul 8, 2004 5:36 PM

Hi, fellow fenlander.

Which part of the county are you from?

I think you're right not to exclude 7DayShop. I still use them - but not if I'm in a hurry. They have 256Mb Memory Sticks at £40, against £72 at XLShop, £65 at Amazon and £89 at Dabs (ouch). Not Sony branded, I guess - but I'm not sure if that means much. I wouldn't be surprised if they all come out of the same factory, anyway.


Cybershot455 Jul 8, 2004 6:51 PM


We're located not so far west of Warboys.

I decided to order the flash and some rechargeable batteries I needed from 7day

We'll see what happens and I'll post in due course.


Cybershot455 Jul 12, 2004 5:14 AM


Just recieved my order from 7dayshop so can feedback.

Did the order online10pmlast Thursday, opting to pay the £3.95 surcharge for a priority dispatch. It has just arrived at 10am today (Monday). Effectively less than two working days, pretty fast.

The order was well packed and everything correct. The total cost of the goods from 7dayshop was £43 inc postage. Even at other discount online stores the particular items I wanted would total £60, more in the high street. One item was unavailable anywhere else in the UK so I was very pleased to get that in particular.

Note the items arrived togetherin two smaller packets and didn't attract any customs charges.

Complete success really.


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