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blackdragonconqueror Jul 21, 2004 2:11 PM

does anybody know any video editing software that remove censored features or add censored in a movie.

Mikefellh Jul 21, 2004 3:55 PM

Can you expand your question...what censored features?

In most cases, a thing like a blur or a mosaic pattern can't be undone.

However, there's some censoring like FL-Masking which is a standard pattern and can be undone in many cases. Here's some examples (albeit not in english):

The one thing with video is you're talking about 30 (or 25) frames a second which has to be undone...never actually looked if there's a video version of the masking/unmasking software.

blackdragonconqueror Jul 22, 2004 12:30 PM

sorry for that, i guess you got it right, what i'm actually looking for is an video "unmasking" (or what i called censored thing)software. Is it possible to it anyways???

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