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I use PS to print, I generally don't take the picture I want, I tend to not zoom in enough with my cam. My question is, what's the easiest way to resize in PS (like cut and paste) where the image stays in aspect, so it will print a full 4x6? Should be pretty simple, but whenever I crop an image I screw up and always gotta do it 3-4 times to get the right ratio.

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when cropping from an original 4:3 picture, I use the selectionrectangle. You can preset the ratio to 4, 3 and you'll be able to chose a selection which is automatically 4:3.
Then copy this selection and paste it into a new picture and you got it.
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I'm assuming PS is Photoshop.

Open the image and select the crop tool.

At the top put "6 in" width and "4 in" height (or the other way round).

Put nothing in the resolution box.

It will constrain the crop to the right ratio for a 4 X 6.

Once you have dragged and adjusted the crop box: Image>Crop.

This will save all of the pixels you didn't crop out. It will print at 4 X 6 when you select "Print". If you want to know what resolution you ended up with go Image>Image Size.
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A similar questionwas discussed at length over at DPReview -


I don't use Photoshop but I believe the above answers mirror the discussion over at DPReveiw. One of the key points made was don't put a check in the "resample" box.

I would like to suggest, however, that you consider Qimage for printing. Once you've selected (cropped) the area you want to print, Qimage will print it at any size you want. This saves having to worry about specifically cropping to a 4x6, 5x7, etc. Qimagetakes care of all the technical worries and IMHO, works exactly as advertised. Great piece of software. It cost about $45.00 (US) and upgrades are free. Mike Chaney, the author, also has a forum section here on Steve's (look under software.) It has a 30 day free trial period. You can find it at:



Paul in NoVA
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If you are going to print a 4 X 6 from a standard 4:3 digital image some pixels have to be trimmed off the top and/or bottom. Photofinishers just crop an even amount off the top and bottom, which isn't always what you want. Any software that will automatically print a 4 X 6 from a 4:3 image has to do the same thing. Or any software that doesn't constrain the crop to the right ratio for the print you want to make is going to have to discard some pixels to keep the proportions right. Better to crop it yourself to the right ratio.

Optical finders typically show only 80-90% of the scene. Unless you frame using the LCD there is usually a little to crop out to make the picture look better. Even using an EVF which shows 100% I tend to not always frame tight enough. If you are going to crop the image anyway, you might as well have it end up as a 4 X 6 if that is what you want to print. It couldn't be any easier than the Photoshop crop tool.

QImage is highly thought of. It has a new resize filter that is supposed to be a little better than bicubic or Lanczos. It is easier than Photoshop for printing multiple images on the same sheet and putting the image where you want it on the paper. Just don't let it automatically crop your images to 4 X 6.
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