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MrE Aug 29, 2004 11:24 AM

Didnt know where to post this, so soz if its in the wrong section. I have a few 10 by 8's that I am framing (printed by truprint) but with two of them there appears to be some form of liquid residue that appears when the photo touches the glass of the frame, it may ahve been left over glass polish on a rag I used, I just dont know. But the glass is bone dry. I havent a clue how to solve this, or what it is. I've tried loads of stupid stuff, like heat the glass up with a hairdrier rofl :-)

Any tips or advice would be helpful. Also this pics are no where near a humid source, ie rad, kitchen etc. Thanks MrE

Chako Aug 29, 2004 4:08 PM

I would use some sort of sealant on the prints.

I think the problem lies not with the glass...but with the print itself.

I did a quick net search, and found this forum thread that seems to confirm my initial feelings about it. Some even suggest the same thing.;topic_id=23&

MrE Aug 30, 2004 5:02 AM

Thanks for that, I thought it was just me, and I was doing something badly wrong :-)

ohenry Aug 30, 2004 8:20 AM

This is why pictures should be matted. The front surface of the picture should never touch the glass.

PeterP Aug 30, 2004 10:24 AM

OHenry Exactly! This is not just an issue with digital output. Chemical based prints will cement themselves to glass if allowed to touch it. It is tough whenever someone brings one of those in, you have to tell them it is pretty well toast. About all we can offer when this happens is to scan or reshoot their image through the glass and tryto reprint it.

MrE What do you mean by glass polish? We use canned air and windex(tm) to clean the glass, whatever you use should not leave anything behind.

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