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picnet Aug 30, 2004 12:42 AM

hi guys

been thinking of selling my pics through a photo stock agency, my question is "has anyone ever done this before"?....and if so what are the pro's and con's to look out for etc. And whats the best deals to look for?

PeterP Aug 30, 2004 2:43 PM


First here is a link to ASMP whitepaper on the status of stock today.

Best to contact some agencies and ask for their submission guidelines.

Most likely they will want to see a sample portfolio of 100-200 images, then if accepted want the rest of your image archive for review. They will examine it and select the images they want.

The size of theinitial image archive submission and yearly image update requirements can be quit high.

Then, in the old slide days you got nailed with image duplication and fileling charges. Also got billed for images included in the nice glossy catalogues they made to send out to customers a few times a year. And of course they take a % of your sales.

For the agencies that will actually accept digital images many of the fees still exist in different forms.

I'm seeing a lot of photographers trying to market their own stock image archives lately

Here are a few of the BIG ones, they have been absorbing the small mom&pop stock houses so there is not much left out there.


Magnum Photo


Getty ImageBank

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