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Freefly Sep 1, 2004 10:10 AM

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Just received some A1 canvas prints today, I was a bit nervous as to the quality from the EOS 10d´s sensor as they were for a good client. A humungous package arrived 2 days after being sent, and 1 week after ordering via internet download, very well wrapped in bubble wrap and hardboard, and the prints were in immaculate condition after their trip from the UK to Spain! I could not believe the quality, amazing, and the attached photo does them no justice. The canvas material seems to add to the sharpness as these are incredible. Need less to say, I am about to order some landscapes in the same format. I saw the companies advert in Practical Photography, and the staff are very efficient and helpful, although I think they are fairly new and could use this shameless plug!!!!

By the way, they are stretched and attached to a wooden frame, just like an oil painting. I have seen canvas before, but never had the bottle to order any...:?

calr Sep 1, 2004 10:37 AM

I am not familiar with canvas prints, however I have used linen paper. My wife was given a box of 8x10 linen paper some time back. It is tricky to use but the results are outstanding. I printed the Carmel sunset picture that I posted in the silhouettes challenge recently. The result was stunning.

Since the linen is thicker that even heavy glossy paper, in my Epson 1270 it can only be fed in one sheet at a time. Even then it has to be manually fed into the printer with the load button on the front of the printer. It will not load under computer control.

For those not familiar, linen paper is actually linen fabric that is coated for printing and has substances added to it to give improved handling in and out of the printer.

photosbyvito Sep 1, 2004 11:24 AM

wow freefly....from this picture, these prints look amazing...

now....i have to much was the middle one?

nice shots btw ;)

linen paper...that sounds like it's pretty amazing stuff too cal!

i'll have to look into some of this...any paper(or in this case fabric)adding to the sharpness of the photos can't be all bad ;)


timothy015 Sep 1, 2004 12:17 PM

I have the canon i9900 do you think its possible to print onto linen? I saw photos like this done in a store and have always wondered about doing it myself. I think canvas is to thick for it but let me know what you think

Freefly Sep 1, 2004 12:42 PM

Cheers Vito,

The 2 large ones, including the middle one were quite reasonable, there are probably cheaper places in the States, or even the UK, but I wanted to try these out, and was well impressed. As for printing canvas or linen with the i9900, I am not sure it is as versatile as the Epson 2100/2200.....


The i9900 only has one paper path, the top auto sheet loader. Its media choices and paper handling is not as flexible as the Epson 2200. Canon only claims compatibility with their own brand photo papers whereas the Epson can print on its own photo papers and non-Epson art papers of varying thicknesses because of a rear, straight-through paper path. What it lacks in media flexibility the i9900 more than makes up for with its blazing print speeds. Its predecessor, the i9100, was the fastest printer in its class cranking out a borderless 13 x 19" print in less than five minutes. The i9900 now makes that same print in a blistering two minutes and forty seconds!
Anyway, just been cycling and I have to collect my curry now!!!!! :crazy::crazy::crazy:

Have fun....

photosbyvito Sep 1, 2004 12:52 PM

i'll have to save my money ;)


timothy015 Sep 1, 2004 1:30 PM


prices look really good

never have tried them I just did a search

thehungeryreferee Sep 20, 2004 12:47 PM

Can you please tell me at what resolution where these shots taken at.


Freefly Sep 20, 2004 12:55 PM


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