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yea happy birthday henry and since we are very early riser's (looking at our post times), hope you have a good day

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photosbyvito wrote:
aladyforty wrote:

I still find myself learning things online from people less than half my age:-)yet that does not bother me at all:lol:

hmm...why would it bother you?

well, the fact that us younger people grew up on computers gives us a fair advantage...

in fact, i don't remember wat it's like not to have a PC....man...it would stink for me now! (haha i bought my own...don't have to worry about sharing muahaha)

It was not meant to come out that way, but some adults do not like to think the younger generation know more:-) The only problem I have with my son (16) and his mates is when they presume to think theyknow better at driving and back seat drive, AARRRHHHH and they are not even driving themselves yet:-)
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Yahoooooo!!!! It's Henry's birthday. Happy birthday Henry!

Vito - youdog. Upgrading to a DSLR. Sheesh. Just kidding. Good for you. I am trying to convince my wife that I "need" a new camera. :?
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Hi all;

I feel a big "group-hug" coming on. I knew Vito was young, but in my line of work, I'm very much used to the voices of young people. Vito, stick with it, I'm honoured to know you and our other young friends here. You have a touch with the camera and with the editor.

Happy birthday, Henry. I'm not far behind you. I'll be 49 on Friday.

The last year has been the most difficult in my life, but the best in some ways. My wife was nearly killed in an automobile accident last January, shattering both legs. She was in the hospital for eight weeks, but has made a remarkable recovery. Our lives are somewhat more complicated now; we have to plan for things like inaccessable buildings, (which are everywhere), but we are so much richer now. There is not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for our good fortune. More than anything, this last year has been a celebration of love and oflife.

Sorry to be a wet towel here, but we seem to be on the thread of "why we're here". I am proud to know you and to be a part of your community.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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