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Hey all. I currently have a 5MP camera (HP 935), but want to get a better camera with more zoom. I'm considering a Minolta Dimage Z2. It is 4MP, less than what I have now. Do you think I will notice a difference in quality and be disappointed that I went from a 5MP down to a 4MP? Thanks everyone.
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How big do you print? That's the main question.

If you print max of 8x10, then you won't notice a difference unless you took a loupe to the photo. If you printed larger you might.

Personally I still use my 2mp for 8x10s with no problems (although if you put it beside a 4mp print of the same subject you would see the difference).

Of course in camera processing makes a difference, and the long zoom of the Z2 will have problems in lower light levels (like photographing in standard room light will see more noise, so you may want to hang on to the HP for indoor shots if you are happy with its quality on those).

In your situation I'd try either converting a 5mp print to 4mp and printing both, or shoot a 4mp along with a 5mp image with your camera and print both...then compare. Note that in both cases you might see minor differences (you might have to use a little unsharp mask when editing the size to get the same quality) but it would be the proof you would need.
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Have you considered the Panasonic FZ20? It's 5 mp with a 432 mm Leica zoom. Check out the review and pics at Steve's review on this site.
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Yes, actually I am considering the Pan FZ20 and the Kodak DX7590. I've ruled out the Minoltas as I've heard they give fuzzy images. Thanks for reply.
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