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Allan Lim Oct 19, 2004 10:44 PM

I'm considering a number of digicams and most of them start at a focal length of 35mm. I'm fairly new to photography, but did have an instant recently where I couldn't back up far enough with my Canon S30 to get everyone into a group photo.

I'm wondering if this is something people encounter regularly or it's unusual.

I'm planning on upgrading my S30, because I want a longer zoom, but I'm wondering if 35 mm will be short enough for me. If not, then I might have to go D-SLR which will allow multiple lenses. I prefer NOT to spend that much money as a D-SLR with additional lenses will end up being significantly more than a prosumer digicam.

The Panasonic FZ-20 appeals to me, but it's not priced well in Canada. It lists for $600 US, but $900 Cdn. Whereas the Coolpix 8800 goes for roughly $1,000 US, but only $1,150 Cdn. So although there's a pretty significantly difference of $400 USD for those living in the US, it's only a $250 Cdn price difference up here. Pretty tempting to go for the 8800.

jdm124 Oct 19, 2004 11:22 PM

There are some digitals which will take a wide angle (or telephoto)auxillary lens, you might want to look into them. I have always liked a 28 mm in the 35 cameras and could not find anything in my size/price range with that. I ended up with a Kodak DX7740 which has a 33~132 lens and got both tele and wa lenses for it. The wa is a .6x which works out to anequiv of a tad less than 20 mm on the wide side and works well throughout the zoom range of the lens. Some distortion exists but it is no a big deal in any practical sense unless taking pics of things with lots of hard angles and verticals. The tele is a 2x and is limited tomax zoom or a bit less, at any lesser setting there is serious vignetting. I'm well satisfied with the camera and the lenses.

The lens are Kodak standard for several of thei digicams and can be had in the US for 50~60 dollars each. The adapter costs about 20 dollars.

There is a feature called "stiching" in some software and which is well supported in some cameras, Canon perhaps; it allows one to seamlesly join shots. Whether it would be practical for group photos,I can't say - landscapes work well.

eric s Oct 20, 2004 9:59 AM

Some 10X lenses are 28-280 A quick look at the Nikon 8700 & 8800 show that they don't have that lens. Pity.

35mm isn't really that wide, I would agree. You should be able to find a good camera that has a wider end than 35mm. So don't dive into a DSLR just yet.


basquedude Oct 20, 2004 3:25 PM

When I was looking for a camera one of my requirements was that the "built-in" lens had to have at least a 28mm - 200mm range. There are too many landscape shots that I want to take and a 35mm will not do.... and even a 28mm is not enough on occasion.

I would strongly recommend getting a camera with a focal length of atleast 28mm.

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