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Is predictive focusing just a marketing gimmick or is it actually useful?

Have you taken a difficult photograph using predictive focusing that you would have failed using just continuous focusing?
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I don't beleive I know the difference between the two. Could you please define "Predictive Focus" and "continuous focusing".

I thought that continuous focusing was where it tracked a moving object and adjusted the AF to keep it in focus (with varying degrees of sucess.)

Is Predictive Focus where it switched automatically between a fixed focus (where it doesn't adjust) and when it suddenly realizes taht the subject is moving and switches to continuous?

If those are the differences, I don't believe that Predictive focus is worth a damn. The few times I've used it (once or twice) it switched into continuous when it shouldn't have.

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There's a slight difference:

o Continuous vs Single focus where the AF focus continuously in one mode vs only performing the autofocus just once mode and stop.

o Predictive focus on the other hand is where the camera anticipates where an object will be at the time a shutter is opened. An example of this is continuous focus with a dSLR, but when the mirror is flipped up: the camera's AF mechanism in the viewfinder is actually 'blind' for a short period -> this is when predictive focus comes into play
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