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I am starting to take more pictures for friends and instead of printing pictures for them, I would like to finish the pics in Photoshop and then store them on a CD for them to own. (I own a Minolta A1)

I have 2 questions:

1) In what mode do you primarily shoot? (RAW, TIFF, JPG)

2) What is the best format to store your images on CD? (TIFF?)

I have been storing all my images in TIFF format.

Any input is appreciated. If this question has already been asked I would appreciate a link to the thread.


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In my opinion, the best way to store image files is exactly as they come off the camera. Save the original files BEFORE DOING ANY EDITS. That original file, in whatever format (e.g. jpeg, raw, tiff, etc.) is the analog to the negative in film. If you make any changes including converting to a different format before saving, you have lost the original image forever. However, if you have saved the original, now matter how badly you screw up the editing, you still have the original to start over with.

Cal Rasmussen
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I shoot mostly in RAW, sometimes in jpg-hi, and ocassionaly in Tiff by mistake. :?(my 6mp tiff file is almost 2x the size of my raw file)

I store my stuff to dvd in raw(the original file), and stn(after I monkeyed with it)formats but neither is good for giving to other people as they probably won't be able to open either format.

IMHO if you are giving the disks to others to use and view JPG is the safest, as most people can open that format.

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Old Nov 12, 2004, 5:24 PM   #4
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I shoot in raw and use Nikon Capture to make jpgs from all shots. I then save the raw and jpg to cd (raw because that gives me best flexibility with my shots and jpg in case years later I can no longer find software to open the raw files).

If the pictures aren't that important to me, I'll delete the raw files to save space as the jpgs converted in best quality from raw are very good for making prints. Personally I'd rather save my files as tiff instead of jpg, but they get so big too quickly.
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As calr said, it is always best to save your originals as they are, but i suspect you are asking about producing a cd for viewing the finished article.

To question 1. This, (photography), for me is purely for fun and i shoot mainly in jpeg fine, sometimes raw.

To question 2. I would have thought for your purposes that jpeg would be more than suitable and when you consider the file sizes of a full size image for Tiff is23.5mb (approx) before you fiddle with it, and 7.9mb for jpeg fine (approx), then it comes down to how many images you are likely to save for your friends at a time.


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I shoot in RAW/ Large JPG combination on my 20D and save my photos on the hard drive till I collect enough to fill a CDROM. If you plan to give away or sell your pictures on CDROM, you're better off burning JPGs because that format is supported by folks who print photos. Wal-Mart won't recognize RAW files.

I concur with the comments about keeping the originals as "negatives", and even including them on the CDROMs you sell or give away, as well as the enhanced ones.

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Old Nov 12, 2004, 5:30 PM   #7
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Great feedback! I do keep copies of all my 'negative' digital shots, I was referring to the best format for storing on a cd for lastability (is that a word!)

I think I'll stick with the jpg format then.

I am always wary of the risks of lossy compresson with the jpg format though!

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Old Nov 12, 2004, 8:05 PM   #8
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Willyjeen wrote:
I am always wary of the risks of lossy compresson with the jpg format though!
Check october's tech corner, at:

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Old Nov 13, 2004, 9:22 PM   #9
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Always after a shoot I download all my files to my computer, batch rename them to include the couple's names and a sequential number (I use iView Media Pro). If I'm shooting raw I convert the files to the highest quality jpg and burn a cd with the jpg's. Later on I archive the raw and jpg files to a dvd. I'm thinking about an external drive in the 250GB+ size to store my files in addition to dvd archival. Once that disk is full I could print a list of all the couples' pictures that are on that disk and set the drive aside in a dry/cool/secure location.
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I shoot most of my pictures in RAW.
When I store the pictures on DVD, I still use RAW.
That gives the highest picture quality when clowning around with photo editors.

If you're just using the pictures for everyday viewing (i.e. not commercial use), you can use JPEG.

Best Regards,
Gary Hendricks
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