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scthrash Nov 15, 2004 11:54 PM

I just purchased a D70. While going thru the many menus and settings I was taking flash photos with the pop up. The flash came up like it should and flashed. However it won't lock back down. Has anyone had this problem or am I overlooking an important setting?


mdparker Nov 16, 2004 11:27 AM

If the cammera mode is in auto, the flash will pop up whenever it is required, but you can also put the flash down at any time to. You just press it down and it'll click into place. Of course it'll pop up again next time you press the shutter button if it is required.

scthrash Nov 16, 2004 4:57 PM

Thanks for the reply. It won't click back into place no matter what mode you are in.

The locking clip looks good and is still springy so I'm not sure what happened.


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