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shawnzon Nov 16, 2004 10:15 PM

I found an energizer one hour charger to travel with . the charge rate is 1.8 amps so it should be o.k. for 1800mAh and above from what i understand.

It is very light weight and fairly compact. 120/240V Charges 1-4 AA,AAA, trickle chare circuit. It seems perfect for travel when i'll want a fast charge. I expect to suffer some loss of cyle life but not too bad.

The heat, without measuring it, is fairly intense. it doesn't feel "too hot to hold", but when i hold my hand across the battteries, after a while (20seconds) there is a stinging burning underneath the skin that tells me i'd better move my hand.

I also have a maha c204W, howerer it takes 2hrs. 15 minutes. So if i have to do even 2 charges in a day i'm looking at close to 5 hrs.


calr Nov 17, 2004 10:17 AM

Any high-speed charger will cause the batteries being charged to get quite hot. You need to make sure the charger has circuitry to detect when the proper charge is achieved and then switch to trickle-charge mode. I have a 3-hour Sunpack charger which causes the batteries to get quite hot but as soon as the indicator light switches from red to green, the batteries begin cooling down.

If your charger does not automatically turn off or switch to trickle charge, the batteries could overheat, leading to battery damage or possibly an explosion. If the batteries overheat, they could dry out, rendering them unusable.

Cal Rasmussen

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