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This story was on my local news last night:

When you are out this holiday season, be careful how you handle your checks and credit/debit cards.Camera cell phonesare now another way criminals are getting your information to spend your money. As you are holding out a check of credit/debit card, these criminals are taking a picture of the front facing of your card of check giving them your card number and expiration date or your bank routing and account information.

How do you protect your self? When handing your credit/debit card over to a clerk hand it over face down or keep your thumb over as much over the number as possible. Also store your cards in you wallet with the back facing out for when you have to show your ID. Also with checks, try to keep you routing and account numbers at the bottom of the check covered as much as possible and hand it over to the cleck face down.

Tips you can use. Scary though isn't it!
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Wow... This is a variation of the way thieves used to get your calling card numbers at airports and other locations with phone booths (before we all got spoiled with wireless phones). ;-)

They'd use binoculars and watch you key in your calling card number.Of course, you can get relativelycompact ultra-zoom digicams now, and even binoculars with built in cameras (so these tricks could also be used to get routing numbers, credit card numbers, etc. -- even if someone wasn't close enough for a camera phone to work).

BTW, these guys must havemuch better camera phones than I do. My Sanyo SCP-8100 camera phone has such poor quality, you'd be lucky to even recognize a check or credit card in the photo (must less be able to read the numbers from them). :-)

BTW, it's a good idea to check your receipts when using a credit card, too. Some Point of Sale systems print the entire credit card number and expiration date on the receipts (not a very good idea). So, be careful with your receipts.

Thanks for sharing... we can't be too careful anymore!

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The fact is that every time you use your credit card, you have no idea how many people have access to your number.

Remember the old credit card devices stores had to make a carbon copy of the card? The entire number was printed on both your copy and the store's.

There is no PIN for credit cards, either. At least debit cards have PINs.

Today, every time you use your credit card to order something by phone, or even over the internet, you have no idea how many people along the line have access to the number. Are we to assume that every employee of the store - from the person who takes your orderon down the line -is an honest and conscientious individual?

If someone uses your credit card number to purchase something, I suppose the credit card company will reimburse you the majority of the time. But it won't be without an uncomfortable, anxious,and time consuminghassle.

If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it is that human beings will abuse and exploitabsolutely everything.

Every convenience has its consequences.

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There use to be a time when people worked for what they wanted. Not anymore...
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