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Hello, I've been watching the board for awhile, but haven't actually posted before. Sorry if this was brought up somewhere else and I'm repeating it.

I bought the Nikon 3200 about 2 months ago after comparing it to some Olympus and Canon models. I love the image quality outdoors during the day, but I'm having a lot of problems with the settings on the indoor shots. If the flash is on, set on auto mode for white balance, everything comes out dark, except for the people - who come out too pale. If I try to do the other white settings, everything comes out blue-ish. And if I turn the flash off, the lighting is better (but a bit yellow), and everything is blurry. I realize this is because the shutter is open longer to compensate for the lack of flash, but this is becoming quite frustrating! I try to manually set the white balance, and it still comes outwrong. I tried the "fill-in" flash, and it seems to work a bit better for subjects at a distance... but if they're up close (or my cat, walking by), everything comes out blurry and white.

My first, and only other,digital camera - a Kodak something or other -came out in 1999. And I never had these issues with indoor flash. The quality sucked, but the colors were decent! Considering 5 years have passed, I would have expected things to improve.

Any suggestions? Ideas? I love the camera aside from those problems. And although i'm debating getting a portable tripod for nightshots, I would look awfully weird taking normal indoor pics with it. Thanks!
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I have the Nikon Coolpix 2200, the little brother of the 3200 but I think the same basic features. I have never liked flash shots, so I do what I can to use available lighting. Even with my SLR and fast film, I'm not sure there is a great answer. But I have had some luck using the 2200's "museum" scene mode. I took some shots in a, ummm, museum, and they came out pretty good even with the low lighting. Of course, nothing was moving, and I tried to steady the camera against a wall or the glass or whatever. Plus I'm sure the tripod will help, looking weird or not - or maybe a monopod.
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