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What in your opinion is the best software for archiving and saving your images? I have just recently bought ACDSee7 and while its fairly good at viewing it doesn't address multisession CD's.In other words If I want to catalog my photos and I set up a CD for each subject ;birds,people,wildlife,landscapes,etc I like to add to them as I go along.Well this program only burns the CD all at once. When I contacted them ,they said it would probably be added at a later date..At present I view and use ACDSee7 to look and caegorize the photos then use Roxio to put them on CD.However there is no connection between the files on my computer and CD's made this way.What in your opinion is the best way to do this?
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Something else to consider is this:

If you have a DVD burner, then consolidate your CDs to DVDs.

800mg (CD) vsalmost5Gig (DVD).

Also, be sure whether you are using CD or DVD that you use high quality media for your archives.
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This would be good ,however I only have a CD burner,so any suggestions on software for multisession CD's?
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I use Nero Burning. Windows XP built-in CD recording capabilities also handle multi-session.
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However there is no connection between the files on my computer and CD's made this way.
There is an organization and album program called IMatch that will keep thumbnails and records of your images on the computer after you remove them to CD. So all of your search and organization is the same, but if you find an image that has been removed to CD it will tell you what CD the image is on. It is a full class above Thumbs Plus and ACDSee. I started with Thumbs Plus many years ago and wish IMatch had been available. It is hard to change over from a lower level program once you have everything organized. If you haven't put too much effort into ACDSee I would dump it and go for Match. http://www.photools.com/

If you have Roxio you likely have DirectCD. Packet writing to RW is probably the least reliable place you can put your photos, but DirectCD will write to CDR and is very reliable. You drag things to the drive as with all packet writing, but close sessions when you are through. The biggest advantage is that it takes only about 7Mb of housekeeping per session where normal mastering software takes 15Mb per session. When you close out the CD you can close it to read in any drive without needing a UDF reader.

If you have XP the built in CD writing software is mastering software and always writes multi-session. You lose the standard 15Mb/session, but it is very easy to use with drag and drop.

Make sure to use archive quality CDs. Most CDs on the market are cyanine dye based and not for archive. Most brands aren't made by whoever put their label on them either. The most commonly available archive quality CDs are Verbatim Data Life. They are all made by the parent company (Mitsubitsi Chemicals I think) with long lasting Azo dye. The best currently available are Mitsumi Gold CDs, but they are more pricey. Light is the big enemy of CDR, so keep them in the dark.

I have read that DVDs have less error correction to speed up movie viewing and aren't as reliable as CDR for long term archive. You can't always believe everything you hear, but for now I am sticking to CDR.

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I use Nero Burning ROM V5. I think latest version is V6.but I don't have or need for DVD. I just use CD-R. Nero is not the easiest to learn but I was/am a non technical user.If I can do it, anyone can :>)

I do recommend Nero though.You drag and drop the files (pictures) to a column, hit the test and burn button and there you have it.It makes or burns multiple sessions to same disk very easily.And it's quick.

Think they have a trial demo to use and if you buy you get a key to use and open the program.

Good luck.
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Another product from Acdsee systems will do just what you ask.

Photosee will catalogue and let you search image thumbnails for cd's not in the drive. many other features like self running image search-able slide shows.



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Bsmooth wrote:

What in your opinion is the best software for archiving and saving your images?
First off, I would avoid any program that uses a proprietary viewing or manipulating program to access the photos. Use the most generic copying format possible to avoid technological obsolescence a few years down the road.

FWIW, I currently use Roxio Easy CD Creator, which was bundled with my computer. A few years ago I used an Adaptec program that was bundled with my earlier computer.
Roxio includes a Direct CD utility that allows one to format a CD-ROM and then use it as a bulk storage device, writing files to it just as to a hard or floppy disc. I rarely use it in the latter application, however, since I normally place my new photos into a presized directory, and when it gets full, I burn a whole CD using Easy CD Creator. The only additional things I place on the CD-R are a directory structure that separates photos into themes, and a text file that describes what the photos are and where they can be found.

With technology changing the way it is, there's never a guarantee, but I think the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle is the minimum safeguard I can take to hopefully let me--and maybe my children :?:--continue accessing my photos.
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