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cheewooi Feb 22, 2005 7:10 PM

Hey guys,
Comes accross this Phayee site
Found an interesting article on how to differentiate the difference between original and immitation of fake KENKO filter. The site is in mandarin and I translate it:
First, here's the box of the KENKO product
The one in the left is the original KENKO whereas on the right is the fake ones.
Thr original KENKO box are nice compared to the fake ones.
If you see the work like KENKO CPL, UV printed on the box then it is a fake KENKO.
Beside that, inside the box, original KENKO comes with a user manual PRINTED in JAPANESE whereas fake kenko's user manual are printed in CHINESE.
Well for the casing of the filter above, the original KENKO is on the left whereas the fake 1 is on the right!
Notice the 'KENKO' wording is extruded from the original casing and there's star like of pattern on the cover. For the fake kenko, it's just like normal filter casing you can get anywhere.

When comes to the filter, original dual layer KENKO UV filter (43mm) and above is black in color (I mean the metal ring of the filter to mount on the lens!) it is same as for original multicoated KENKO UV filter (49mm) and above.
The pics above is a FAKE KENKO filter! Note the metal ring or hatch that secure the filter!
This pics shows that ORIGINAL KENKO filter! Note that the original KENKO filter have a small hatch on the other side of the filter and it is in black color!
The original package of KENKO product!

Well if you consider to get a kenko filter better checkout the product before you buy! :cool:

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