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dusty #3 Feb 28, 2005 9:42 PM

I must be a real dummy. I can go through all the steps to posting a photo but whenI try to see it on the forum it does not show.I all so can not figure out how to get my photo's down to 250 kb. WhenI size it 400 wide & 300 long it comes out way to small. Please help!!!!!


Stevekin Mar 1, 2005 5:32 AM

Once you have your image ready, sized to approx 600 x 450 pixels, (this is just an example size, not the rule),use the 'save as' function. Save as jpeg and adjust the slider between small file and large file. Look at the bottom of the window and see the file size change. Adjust to your requirements. Don't worry about the quality, 72ppi is all that is needed for web viewing.

'Save for web'will get the file down more if you struggle with save as. This gets rid of the Exif info, reducing the file size further.

Once you are down below 250 kb you then need to upload this file to an imagehosting service that enables you to use direct linking. I use is free but has limits to storage amounts, but is upgradeable. Just Google 'image hosting' and you will find many alternatives.

Start your post or reply then open your image hosting site and locate the file you want to post. Copy the url then in the post reply box click on 'insert image', click OK. Your image should now appear.

If you use the 'browse' button at the bottom of the screen, I believe this stores the image in Steve's Forums server and only shows when clicking the link.

Hope this helps.


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