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I own 2 Nikon 4500's and a Nikon 8400, and VERY pleased with both .... but I've been thinking of a DSLR for quite some time and when I really look at what I'm doing, the question comes up " Do I need this and won't a higher grade prosumer do what you want?

I doubt that I will blow up print larger than 8 x 11 (have a Canon iP8500, a GREAT photo printer).

I want the speed of a DSLR and a wide lens range (28 to 200 or 250 would be great, with wide add on lenses in the 20 to 24 range. I will use it for work, some small product insert shots, and some nice looking web stuff, but no Arizona Highway spreads ;-)

The Nikon 8800 and the Canon Pro1 just about do it, but each one is lacking, The Nikon is very slow to focus and has some other issues, and the Canon has lens issues (lens distortion at the ends and some purple fringing). The other thing would be a good usable 400 ISO.

What I DO LIKE A LOT is the rotatable LCD screen, to me this is a BIG plus and is one reason I've been not super aggressive in my DSLR purchase.

Well, so much for my rantings, if I must get a DSLR I will, but for the stuff I want Nikon, Canon, and maybe Pentax, the cost is ~ $4000.00 in lenses PLUS body and battery pack vertical grip. Lenses include wide zoom, macro, very good mid range zoom, and an IS or VR telephoto-zoom.

I've been waiting for months till the right camera hits my fancy, I just may need to wait a little longer to see what the makers have planned for late spring release.

Thank for listening to a confused individual,

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Collecting cameras is an expensive pastime.
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Did you just post this for us to listen only? Maybe a low end DSLR should do the trick.
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This is the difficult question/problem with a DSLR. Zoom lenses have come a long way in the last several years. This could cut down on the cost and the number of lenses you'll have to carry.

If you could reduce the lenses you get with the body, that will delay the cost.

But to me, the reality is that I'm not sure you need one. The price size you list is fully capable in 6MP (or less, depending on the subject.) There are many cameras at 6MP.

The useful 400ISO is a problem. DSLRs have that, and I'm not sure how many prosumer fixed lens cameras do. I would definitely check the reviews, as going that way would be MUCH cheaper. Unfortunately you probably won't find it on an IS/VR camera because to save money they probably made other things "less than the best".

And you could delay the battery pack unless you really think you'll need it. I know with my 20D I get over 1G worth of pictures (around 100) without the battery breaking a sweat.


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If you're happy with what you have, stick with it. DSLRs are great... I have a 20D. But the next lens will be expensive. Or the next lenses is more like it.

What you get with a DSLR is the ability to print bigger pictures, a complete lack of shutter lag and a big heavy camera and lens to carry around :roll:

I love my DSLR, but you have to decide for yourself if the extra cost, the added complexity and the picture quality upgrade is worth it to you.

I've said it before on these fora (plural of forum) that you have to understand the difference between taking pictures and photography before getting a DSLR. The act of buying one doesn't make one a photographer... but it might help one head in that direction. My camera is much more advanced than the one owned by Ansel Adams, but his pictures are somewhat better :evil:than mine. There are some talented folks who can take better pictures with their cell phone cameras than I can with my DSLR, but I'm improving every time I try.
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