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I capped the 3rd one cause it's the most important right now but I'm also looking for #1 and #2.

Is there any online INTERACTIVE camcorder buying guide? I don't really want one that's just a static page - I want to be able to give it options (either by specs, or by what I want to do with it) and have it recommend a camcorder (or several) - something similar to what myproductadvisor.com does for still cameras (although there are a lot of options that I would like to be able to specify that I can't on that site) or what the feature search on dpreview.com has.

Also, what are several good camcorder forums, and some decent review sites? I want at least as much detail in the reviews for entry-level camcorders (digital preferably) as Steve's, dpreview, imaging-resource, and dcresource COMBINED have for high-end dSLR still cameras.

I'm basically looking for something that's not too expensive (I'm thinking about selling my S1 IS and finding a decent low-light-capable compact ultrazoom still camera (on which I'm willing to sacrifice movie mode) and I would PREFER to pay no more for camera AND camcorder than I would get for my used S1 IS, but that's definitely flexible), a normal size (not too big (TV broadcast is way huge and full-size VHS is a bit large) and not too small (I'm not willing to sacrifice quality to get something that's pocketable)), takes fairly high resolution video (at LEAST 640x480 - larger preferred) that would completely blow my Canon S1 IS movie quality away (make its best video quality seem like that of a webcam from 10 years ago by comparison, for example), works well in low light (for example if a camera requires 1/2" at ISO 400 and F/2.8, I would still be able to shoot good video with full color, no motion blur when looking at a still frame, and low noise (about like ISO 100 on a consumer cam or ISO 400 on a dSLR) without having to use a built-in light (and an IR nightshot mode for super dark conditions would be ok too), can record at LEAST 2 hours (preferably more like 3 or 4 hours if possible) at a time at the highest quality setting without having to change the tape, and.. well... I need to find a buying guide and some review sites to be able to know what other criteria to select. I'm willing to sacrifice still photo capture mode, most of the digital zoom (I would rather have a super long optical zoom with a fast lens), and other things that I still have yet to learn more about.
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pianoplayer88key wrote:
I would PREFER to pay no more for camera AND camcorder than I would get for my used S1 IS
Are you serious?
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