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haha, that's sneaky
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pianoplayer88key wrote:
so I can crop in several times and get decent detail out of a shot?

(note that this was not posted in the what should I buy forum because I'm not yet looking to plunk $$$ down yet.)

I would like to be able to use a super wide angle lens (so I don't have to point the lens quite at the subject - I was thinking something like 24mm or wider like 18mm (or even 10mm but I don't want too much of a "fisheye" effect.)), but capture enough resolution so I can crop on the subject as if I had used a 400+ (preferably 1200+) mm lens and still get a decent 8x10.

What type / format camera (digital or film) that currently exists is capable of this? I would like fairly fast shutter speeds (enough to freeze most sports action), moderately decent depth of field (about like F/5.6 or F/8 on a small-sensor digicam at hyperfocal wide-angle), and little to no noise (about like ISO 50 on a consumer digicam or ISO 100 on a dSLR). I would mainly use this in daylight conditions, and for low light (indoors at night or outdoors with street lights or by a campfire), I would be closer to the subject AND I would not crop nearly so much, and would be somewhat more tolerant for a slower shutter speed, less depth of field, and a little more noise.

I would assume a digital is prohibitedly expensive (I prefer not to pay more than I would pay for a Rebel body if I was to buy one), so film is definitely an option. I will definitely want to get the shots "developed" into a digital format, though, cause I'll want to edit (and display) them on my computer. I don't mind if each shot takes upwards of several hundred MB or even a few GB, though - I want decent quality in the images (super high resolution, so that, for example, I have enough figure of merit with a 14mm lens as if I had shot a little section with a Panasonic FZ-20 and Crystalvue 8x scope).

What would be the cost of a camera and lens for something like this? I would most definitely NOT be using a tripod!
Thanks for the laugh!

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