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I live in the Middle East ... Kuwait to be precise and find that the prices here are outrageous as compared to the US of A. I'd like to get myself a Sony W-5 and was just wondering which of the two possibility would be best.

1) A friends daughter does her college in Phoenix, Arizona and hence I could buy one online and get it shipped to her and her father will get it to me when he goes to visit her in May. In this case, which online store would be best?

2) When her father visits her, he just buys it from one of the normal stores out there. Here too, anyone could recommend a store in Phoenix, Arizona where he could get one?

Once he reaches there, ordering one from an online store may end up getting the item not delivered in time for his return.

Would really appreciate help! ... and oh! by the way, if I buy one from the US, would I still be eligible for the warranty?

Thanks & Cheers!

If someone in the Phoenix, Arizona region (sorry I don't know much of the US) could recommend a regular store, it would be really great.
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a lil bump .....
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Buy from eBay.com. I bought a Canon EF 70-200L F2.8 IS from there and saved myself about £400 (€600). Make sure that if you do, you buy from a "Power Seller". I ordered mine from Hong Kong one Thursday evening and received it the following Monday morning by FedEx. It only cost me £40 delivery and I paid no tax as it was stated as an "item for review and not for resale"!

Its worth a go, and it even had the manufacturers 1 year warranty...can´t be bad!

All the best,

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If you are going to order from the USA, there are three on-line etailers selling the DSC-W5camera for around $300-308 including shipping. I have dealt with all in the past and have had positive experiences:




Have your relatives call local camera/electronics stores in their area and see how the prices compare to the $300-$308 range for these 3 etailers. If it's only a couple $ difference then buy from brick-and-mortar. If it's $50 then I'd buy from one of the above. If I had to choose one of the above three I personally would go in the order I have them listed. Hope this helps.
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