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tefoto Apr 22, 2005 6:23 PM

Digital Rebel XT

I've had the camera for 9 days and taken almost 600 pics. Usingthe kit lens 18-55, a 28-80 & 75-300 usm II both canon that I use on my elan so I know the lenses are good. Images look good in the viewfinder but, on a monitor or printedtheyhave nosharpness. Canons Zoombrowser lets you see the focal points and all pic info. On many pics the focal point is out of focus. I've tried all modes every adjustment, everything I can think of. Even took pics in raw. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas ? I could be missing something. I also have a HP 945 5.3 MP which is taking better pics than this XT.

Squonk Apr 22, 2005 7:39 PM

Would it be possible to post a sample image, preferably a crop of a small area of a picture but at 100% magnification? Without actually seeing the problem it's hard to judge. However, even when shooting jpg (very rare for me) I will more often than not apply some degree of sharpening to the image in post processing.

With digital SLRs the manufacturer assumes that the user will apply sharpening in post processing. This might be all your problem is - especially when shooting RAW (which is, as the name suggests, the raw data from the sensor with no processing of the image done by the camera).

When shooting jpgs on my 20D I can select how much sharpening, saturation etc to apply to the image via the parameter settings. I don't have a Rebel XT, so I'm not sure what options are open to you on this front but I would assume that you would have some degree of control over these settings.

Also keep in mind that the degree of sharpness apparent in an image depends upon how you are viewing it and at what size you are viewing it (even a very blurry picture can look sharp on the tiny LCD screen on the camera for example).

However - all of this is by the by without being able to see some samples of the problem.

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