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Hello everyone, long time no talk, thats if anyone ever rememebrs me, either was i have recently (with the help of people at this wonderfull website) have purchased my first camera and these pictures came from about the first week into me haveing the camera, most of the flower pictures were taken the day after wich is when I really got into the camera`s settings.Granted these were first first real pictures taken...ever in my lifetime I didnt thinkI did too bad what about you guy`s?

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The EXIF data says the first one is out of focus :O

I like the transformer in the second one.
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Photography is about light. Without light you have no picture.

Good photography is about using light well in a scene that is either inherently interesting or is made interesting by good light.

I'm going to ask some slightly unusual questions. They are intended to make you think and reflect from my thoughts/feelings when seeing these pictures. I'm going to mostly stay away from the technical. My thoughts might not agree with what you intended... heck, you might not have "intended" anything. Theses could just be snapshots. But you asked, so here I go. Of the 4 you list (in the first set), I have these thoughts:

1 - What were you trying to capture in the image (this doesn't have to be a thing, it can be a feeling)? It seems to have no obvious subject, except for the out of focus branch. There is kinda an interesting shape in the distant trees, but that might not have been intentional.

2 - Kinda interesting, but again, what were you trying to capture? Were you trying to use the bird for something (i.e. would you have taken this if it wasn't there? If so, why not?) The exposure seems a little dark to me, but you could have intended that.

3 - Interesting. Did you indend to have one trunk/sapling in focus and one not? I like that they are, but I was just wondering. This seems to have a little more focus/intent, which I like, but at the same time I still am not sure exactly where you're going.

4 - The best of the bunch, by far. This one I like. The use of light is good (dark in the forground, light inside the shower) and the dark lower down, the slightly darker right side (where the door is slightly open) and the lighter door on th left work well together. It kinds looks like there is some one or some thing inside the shower... if so, I'd have prefered it be a bit more distinct - just a touch more recognisable as something. I think this would be a very different picture if the door were not open (not as good), and I think it would have worked even better in combination with the mystery thing inside. That subtle hint of naughty - "What is in side? Can I peek? Should I?"

As to the set of flowers. They are a mixed bag to me. Not great, but certainly not bad. There are a few which are slightly out of focus, but some are right on. The lighting could have been better, but without a dedicated light or reflector that is hard to do... so I think you did well with what you had. The last one seems a little odd... is the color off?

Macro work light like that is not easy (in fact, quite hard.) If you really want to keep at it, I would suggest buying a reflector. It lets you direct the light better, giving you more light where you want it and allowing for a higher shutter speed (which will help sharpness.)

I hope that helps in some way. Feel free to ask questions on my comments if you want.

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Please type a carriage return between each of your pictures so that they are arranged vertically instead of side-by-side.

I like your flower photos although I had to click on each one to view it.

I totally agree with Eric S's comments. Your first shots are good (assuming no prior experience) but there is definitely room for improvement.

Lastly, this thread should be posted in "Post your photos-->Critiques and Techniques"

Good luck. Listen (read) to the suggestions made by forum members and come back and show us what you have done.

Cal Rasmussen
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