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Suggest you don't buy any new lenses or accessories for a while... try to learn what you have now, which is a good start. It's easy to get into a "feeding frenzy" and start buying everything in sight. Be patient and perfect your style. Learn everything about your new camera, especially the relationship of apature, shutter speed and ISO. Once you have that mastered and start getting a high percentage of "keepers" you'll be ready to move on to flash photography and the wonderful (and expensive) world of lenses.

Enjoy your new camera
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crash331 wrote:
I don't mean how to use the camera, that's what the instructions are for. I just mean where can I learn photography theory like composition suggestions, are there rules about expsore settings, etc.

Is there a good book? A good website?
I think you're at the right place now... After a few of those courses hang out down in the "Post Your Photos" forum. Check the Critiques and Techniquesoften too see how things apply too what you've learned. I have not posted there myself yet because it can be.... Burtal! (and i'm a chicken) BUT ALWAYS INFORMITIVE. The worse thing is when nobody comments... YIKES! The other " Post Your Photos" forums are a little easier on the ego. Steve's artical on the XT might help you get to know your new camera a little better too.


Most of us are here for the same reason as you and just want to help each other better our skills.

So after you get use too that XT then you can go over to the "Canon Lenses" and watch the battle of the lenses unfold daily. AND GET A TON OF HELP.

I hope this keeps ya here and I will look for your photo post in Critiques and Techniques.


BTW... I too just bought a XT. There is going too be a lot of us around here...

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Ha Ha, start with the manual.

It will tell you how to recharge the battery, insert the media,etc.

Keep the manual out and try things out.

In terms of taking pictures, just point your camera and shoot!

Eventually you will critique your own photos and improve.

Take about 5,000 shots and then tell us how you're doing!

-- Terry
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I went to Wolf Camera and just got that 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits and stuff. That's all I'm gonna buy for now because quite honestly, my "gadget fund" is broke.

I went to a local park and tried out some stuff today. Most of it was failures, but I wound up with 4 or 5 that I really like (out of a full 512 card, which is probably about 130 pics).

I still have to stop and think about shutter, arperture and ISO everytime I take a picture, but now I am getting used to it.

bte, Does anyone know why that 50mm 1.8 lens will only go up to a 200 shutter speed? I cant get it to go any faster, but I dont know if I am just doing something wrong.
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IMHO to get started the best thing you can do is read up a bit on photography on-line or at library and then go forth and shoot(a lot) :!:

When you feel you have started to get the hang of things maybe consider taking an evening course at a local college.

You are trying to learn two different things, one is the camera and how its controls work to get well exposed images.
The other is composition.

RE: the 50mm f1.8 and shutter speed, the lens does not go up to a shutter speed, that is the cameras job :-) , and that would depend on what mode you have selected, what f-stop was being used and how much light was available.

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