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I'm looking at getting some filters for my Fuji S5500, and a wide angle lens later on. From what I can gather though, the wide-angle lens isn't threaded at the front.

I definitely want to by a circular polariser and am looking closely at a Hoya 55mm HMC CircPol. I work in real estate, and like the idea of the Cokin system so I can use gradual ND filters when say, shooting a house with the sun behind it, a sunset filter for "dusk" shots of ranch style homes, and maybe a blue filter to compensate for gray skies in winter.

First priority though is a polariser.

My questions are these:

1 - Is the Hoya polariser rotateable?

2 - Do polarisers HAVE to be in front of the lens in all cases? See Q3

3- I know that the Hoya polariser is threaded at the front - would I be able to screwa wide-angle lens ONTO the polariser and still be able to rotate the polariser?

4 - If I'm going to have a circular polariser, do I still need a UV filter as well?

Any advice would be very helpful.


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Not sure how filters work on your Fuji S5500 (or the add-on lenses for that matter since I use a DSLR) but here are some answers:

1. All circular polarizers rotate - including the Hoya HMC.

2. The polarizer needs to rotate to be affective - in the SLR world a circular polarizer wouldn't be able to attach to the back of a lense.

3. Can't answer - someone more familiar with your camera would have to answer.In general it is probably not advised - filters are designed to have other filters attachedso I'm not sure how they would hold up to the weight of a lense attached to their front.

4. Noyou don't need to use a UV. The CP will cut down on haze.
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JohnG - thanks for your response. Being a newbie to photography before buying my current camera, I didn't know anything about filters, polarisers and the like. There certainly are plenty of ways to spend money!

Your answers really helped me resolve a few things.

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