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katingo May 23, 2005 7:05 AM

im sorry to double post guys, but i getting realy desperate now, even Olympus havnt responded to me

Can anypne advise as a general question if the cameras card contact points are repairable..please this is ruining my holiday.


atlantagreg May 23, 2005 10:34 AM

Well, this does sound like a "repairable" thing, but as you fear, the cost.

My experience with the camera makers is that most of them START repair costs (regardless of what it is) at around $180.00 U.S., and it goes up from there. Also keep in mind that it typically can take from 10 business days to 3-4 weeks to get a camera back from a manufacturer for repairs. If you bought it in the US and it's under a year old, the US warranty will not be valid in another country, and they'll charge you for the repair in their European branches.

The mju 300 and 400 models are being clearanced at stores (here in the US at least) for the $149.00 to $179.00 range. You say you are already abroad however, so this does you little good at the moment. You have two choices: 1) Look in the local shops there for a clearanced-priced new camera in this range, or, 2) Look for a privately owned camera repair shop in the area, and see if they may be able to repair it. Some privately owned repair shops can fix digicams, and much quicker and more cheaply as well.

Good luck.

katingo May 23, 2005 11:15 AM

WOW......i appreciate the response, but WOW..$180 is it these companies get away with these prices? sorry to sound like this but this is plain robbery, as a backpacker who trusted & purchased n the Olympus brand, I am shocked..
.wanna know the irony? the card that had the chip fall out that ruined the card was the original 16meg that came with the camera, as im on travel i was using it in addition to my 2 x 256m 1 x 128m so as to get as much space as possible, i normaly never used this card at home....Ill wait till i get a quote in Paris, but if this is the case, ill have a few xd cards for sale as I move over to Nikon.....what a way to ruin a holiday.

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