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I was in the same situation (bride with no money) a friend of my dad's and a friend of mine shot the wedding. My friend's pics look as good as the guy who claimed to be a professional. I'm not picky, I'm happy enough with my pics. But I also didn't pick out china to have it sit a cabinet half my life!!! I'm too practical.

If you are going to shoot - best advice - ask the bride what shots she wants. I had an idea from seeing photos of friend's weddings of the shots I wanted and made a list and had it ready for the photographer.

Good luck!
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Ive done two weddings for friends, lucky for me that they were happy with the results. The reason they were happy was that 1. They could not afford a pro and 2. I warned them before the wedding not to have super high expectations.

Remember to get as many family and friend shots as you can, get a photo of the rings as they exchange them (close up of the hands) the flowers, the cake etc.

Personally if you could get out of it would. If someone has expectations so high that they are not happy with a pro, that rings alarm bells.
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I say go for it, but as others have explained, make sure they know you are not the professional!!!!

I broke all the rules at the weekend after being let down by an assistant (actually she wasout of the country so couldnĀ“t be helped) I did the wedding alone!!!! Bad, bad business.

I carried 2 cameras around my neck with speedlights (barely used except for fill in for the bright sunshine), a rucksack, a reflectorand a tripod, which I admit I never used, no time, no help and no room in the TINY church (Held 50 people seating and had 110 guests!!! In Spain...HOT? The vicar had sweat dripping off his chin the whole time! I also had a hunting jacket on with lenses, spare batteries all round, umpteen CF cards and my Flashtrax.

I ended up taking just over 1250 images and am still only half way through processing them. 3 pieces of advice...prepare, prepare and prepare. I did a complete run through of the whole day one day before the wedding so it was fresh in my mind. Prepare.......

Here are a couple so far...

Good luck and have fun.


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As everyone has said, avoid it if you can. If you decide to do it, the secret is to have lots of storage space on your memory cards, and use your exposure bracketing facility if you have one, to cover the light & the dark bits. Take lots and lots of shots, and some may be OK.

The groom's dark suit and the brides's white dress are incompatible with simultaneous photography, so it's a miracle that wedding photographers all over the world seem to succeed much of the time.

The best results I've had have been leaving the standard shots to the professional, and taking lots of unposed candid shots which go down very well if you keep your eyes open.

Good Luck!!!!

Alan T
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