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A friend of mine is working with old photos related to the restoration of the Battleship Texas. Photoshop can handle 16 bit grayscale images, but he's looking for something less expensive. Can anyone confirm if Photoshop Elements 3 will do this? Or Paint Shop Pro? Or ...? I tried Picasa 2 but it doesn't even seem to handle grayscale, just allows conversion to "Black & White" which is apparently an 8 bit RGB image.

He's also intereseted in scanners that can do 16 bit grayscale, any suggestions?
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I've never heard of 16 bit grayscale. What is it? 65000 levels of gray?

Why bother?

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From Adobe Photoshop Help file:


In most cases, RGB, grayscale, and CMYK images contain 8 bits of data per color channel. With three channels in an RGB image, this translates to a 24-bit RGB bit depth (8 bits x 3 channels), an 8-bit grayscale bit depth (8 bits x 1 channel), and a 32-bit CMYK bit depth (8 bits x 4 channels). Photoshop can also read and import 48-bit RGB, 64-bit CMYK, and 16-bit grayscale images (each with 16 bits of data per color channel).

Note: A16-bit-per-channel image provides finer distinctions in color, but its file size is much larger than an 8-bit-per-channel image.

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Photoimpacthas this as an option, but it is one I have never used, so can't give an opinion on how well it works. PI is under $100, though, and there is a free trial available for download.

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why bother?

because it can be done and should be done to get the closest thing to the original and giving the editor the extra latitude to work with
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PhotoImpact packs a lot for the buck. Versions 7 and 8 can be found real cheap and they both handle the 16bit greyscale.

Any saving you might want to do will have to be doneas a tiff. You should know that monitors cannot handle all of the information in a 16 bit greyscale image. Have a look here for a couple of pointers and good luck http://radonc.usc.edu/USCRadOnc/Madena/MadenaDICOM.html

SJ, could you please explain to me again, how this might help in the restoration of the original photographs? Sorry if I'm a little thick.

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