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Ok, so i took those photos for my friends wedding, and they turned out GREAT. I used a canon rebel xt and a nice umbrella light kit a friendbrought (he took photos to). They got angry at their photographer, and asked me to do it, and i can't turn down a friend.


I photoshop about 5 of them... use channel mixer to get them black & white, add a slight gauzian blur to give them that soft kind of look, do curves, all that good stuff.
I wanted to see them as prints, so i used wal*mart's online photo service so i can pick them up in 1 hour... got 5 8x10s.
I go in, tell them i need to pick them up, the guy gets the envelope, and gets a wierd look, comes over and says "we can't give these to you, they are scans of professional photography, and that breaks copyright"
I was simultaniously flattered and pissed.
I tried to convince him for a LONG time, and demanded he call a manager. The manager comes over, and after about 2 minutes of me making it perfectly clear that I know more about cameras and photo taking than the people who work there, they agreed. So basically, they are letting minimum wage kids decide if you will or will not get your pictures. The sad thing is, I could see a good number of non-pro flaws in the pictures, and you'd figure people who work with pictures everyday would be able to pick up on it.
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Thanks for the heads up Luxowell.
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We have ten lawyers in this country for every one we need, and the law schools are pouring them out faster than they can be absorbed. They cost us both a fortune in added costs and considerable inconvenience. Do you think Wally doesn't want to sell you those prints? That maybe someone at corporate headquarters just decided off the top of his head to send word down to hassle the photo customers? They got sued for printing copyrighted images and had to do something. Or the ambulance chasers would end up putting ads in pro photo magazines asking anyone whose copyrighted images had been copied to contact them.

If you are such a world class expert and can't tolerate dealing with anyone below your lofty level of expertise, spend the bucks and use specialty houses like other top pros do. You want cheap and fast go to Wal Mart, Walgrens etc. They are cheap because they don't hire high priced experts.

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Slipe hit the nail on the head, we have the technology to scan pro works and take them down to the local Walmart for cheap prints, and many people do just that. I have seen people argue loudly with the personnel at my local Walmart over this very issue, and in the case I was witness to the customer was trying to print copy right material (I know the original photographer). It is an unfortunate fact that they must err on the side of caution and question all "good" photography in order to keep the sharks from the door.

I have no problems at the local store for two reasons:

1- My favourite reason - they know me and my work so they do not suspect copyright infringement.

2- My pictures are not good enough to be considered professional

I will continue to use Walmart because they may cause inconvenience with their caution but they are also helping to protect the work of honest photographers from being ripped off by cheapskates with scanners.

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Next time put your "© yournamehere" on one corner of the pic. There will be no mistaking it's yours when you pull out your ID.
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Upon calming down, I realized (as i actually did all along), that there is of course good reason for this.

Sorry for flying off the handle. And no, i am CERTAINLY no world class expert. What made me mad was that the guy at the counter basically called me a liar, and then tried the whole "oh no, your not gonna fool me you con artist!" kinda attitude.

I was steamed, but in calmer times I realize exactly why it happens... which is partially to help guys better than me (far too numerous to count) don't have their work stolen.
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