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Toms is the only hardware review site I visit. Especially with LCD's they do a VERY thorough job, even measuring the latency, white point, black point and colour uniformitythemselves. Pity they generally only do the more expensive stuff. In a review of some 19" models, they said that if you cant afford the viewsonic 19b+ or something like that, that you should go for the Hyundai L90D+ 19".

Although they test more for the average user, and not generally for graphics professionals. Except for the review eric mentioned. But who can affort those ??
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When it comes to photography, you'll want to avoid low end LCDs. One thing to make sure of is that you get an 8-bit LCD, meaning it can display true color. 6-bit is cheaper to produce, hence it often shows up in low, and some medium end monitors. I have a Viewsonic 17" LCD 8ms at work, and while it is a very nice monitor, esspecially for only being $260 on NewEgg, it's colors aren't as spot on as I'd like for photography. I much rather use the Samsung 700DF 17" I have at home, which was only $120 at Sams Club. I would avoid Sony CRTs, as we have a high end Triniton at home also, but the coloring is pretty badd on it, dispite adjustment. I would reccomend a middle to high end Samsung or ViewSonic.
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i just installed my samsung 193P+. calibrated it usin my gretag i1 display 2. and it cal"d in quite nicely. it is limited to 1280x1024 but it will do for my needs for some time.
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