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Seems to have started today. I rarely ever had "stuck" pixels on my Canon A75 photos until today. I don't know if that's what you'd call it, but basically there's a small white spot showing up on all my photos since this afternoon, always in the same place. It's worse in dark photos and according to photos I took in a dark room, it showed up as well no matter what shutter speeds or ISO I used.

I've read about "stuck" pixels, but what causes them? My camera is only slightly over a year old, fortunately I have an extended warranty. But is this something too small for a warranty to cover? Is there any way to fix stuck pixels on a CCD?

I attached a crop of an image with this white pixel that stands out always in the same place.

It's very easily fixed though by cloning and shows up more in low lightsituations, not really enoughof a problemto stop me from using the camera.

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