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I never gave much thought to printing off my photos, only digitally editing them and posting them online. Recently I decided to get some 11x14 and 12x18 prints of my photos and I am totally shocked at both the quality and size. They make really great decoration. I've seen quite a lot of artistic photos posted on this site. I'm curious as to how many others get large prints of their work and post them on their walls. I still have about a dozen more prints I think I may get and try and spice up the old shoe box =) Feels really different to walk into your residence and see all your work posted up.
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I print quite a few of my best ones... keep a rotating gallery of a dozen or so 13X19s (matted to 16X20) inour homeand give away a lot of prints. I've had a lot of folks urge me to sell pictures, but I resist because it might become a job... something I want to avoid. I'm retired, after all.

I also shoot pictures and do photo collages of church events that I post on a board for parishoners. The old ones go into a three ring binder for people to enjoy and see the development of the kids over the years.

I bought an inexpensive matting kit and have learned to use it. I buy matting scraps from the local frame shop. I get frames from the thrift store or Wal-Mart and put together nice inexpensive gifts for friends. I buy ink and paper from the Web, to keep the cost down.

I have to periodically clean pictures off the 'fridge to make room for more. The old ones go into photo albums (mostly 4X6s of grandkids sent by our kids).

Printing is an important part of what I do in this hobby, tho' perhaps 5% of my pictures ever appear on paper.

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On average, how would you rate the cost of printing off photos yourself? So far I only got about a half a dozen 8x10" and 11x14" for under $20, which I find pretty acceptible. Frames of course cost a heck of a lot more than prints though, which is a shame =)
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$2.26 for an A4 print at a local photo chain. There are those who charge $5 also for an A4 print. Dont know how much better quality that might be, but Im to stingy to find out. I buy just the glass on a hardboard with clips to mount my pictures. $3.77 for A3 size. All these $ values are converted from Rands at todays exchange rate.

11x14 inches is a little larger than A4.

I have been thinking of getting my own printer, but I think buying the high quality paper and ink will cost me more than getting it done at a store.
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I rarely print my photos, I generally view them on the computer and post them online. Probably the reason why I haven't seen the need to get more than 3MP yet, though I am thinking of the Canon A95 if I get a good clearance price.
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I've printed a decent number of shots, but not nearly as many as I've taken (which is over 10,000 I bet.) It is odd as some of the shots that I really like look good in print and then some times on that I think "what the heck" look ok on paper... but then when I matte them (simple white or off-white matte) then suddenly look really good. I don't know what it is, but they do. Weird.

I have a friend who is a Pro and has been for 30+ years. He talks about how a picture really isn't "complete" unless it's as a print. He fully understands digital... it's the art to him. The final step in photography is the print. I'm starting to understand that logic.

I show my work every month in a club. While they do do some digital display (and almost everyone uses digital) the vast majority of shots are shown as prints. Another group that I show with (meets less frequently) shows either slides or digital projection. I think there has been only 1 person with prints in... 2+ years.

The problem with going to a cheap local lab is consistancy and quality. Walmart can produce good prints, but you don't know who is working the machine. You might get something good, or you might get some who leaves the color correction on and turns your sunset into a mush of colors. If you spend a bit more money and get a large print made at a real lab they understand things like color correction and quality printers. Heck, I used one that called me up and told me that the image I gave them must have been corrupted because the print looked really bad. They didn't want to give it to me, eventhough they had already printed it. (I guess they worried that it would make them look bad.) I found out later it was my fault (incorrect amount of JPG compression... should have been 0 compression but wasn't.)

Places like Costco and Walmart can make a good print or just as easily a bad one and you'll have to deal with them for reprints (which can be easy or hard depending on the place and people.) As with many things, if you really care about quality (you might not) then getting a good printer you self and learning to make the prints is the best way to achieve consistant high quality prints. But if you don't make enough of them it isn't worth the money and time getting the printer.

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