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Is there a place to view all of the photos that have been entered? I wanted to enter one and I can't remember if I have already entered it here.


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I am not sure if you want to see all the photos you have posted at one time or the location where most of the photos are posted. For the first case, enter your name "Scrappy" in the search box above and click "search". For the second case, go to the "Post your photos" section of the forums. There are 18 categories under this heading where photos are commonly posted.

Cal Rasmussen

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I guess I didn't make myself clear. I have uploaded around 20 photos in the POTD contest. I couldn't remember which photos I had entered. I was wondering if there were albums are someplace to see the photos I had entered over the last several week. I reied putting Scrappy in the search and there was nothing came up.

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Scrappy, I believe you can only enter one photo every 30 days in POTD. That means you should leave 30 days from the last one you entered until the next one.

You should receive an email confirming acceptance of your entry and only the photos that you receive a response for will potentially be entered in the contest.

If you have sent in several over the last few weeks, the likelihood is that only one has been accepted.

Confirmation of acceptance/receipt of your image doesn't mean it will be entered automatically. Your image could be entered months from now (potentially), but I believe you will receive an email telling you it has been entered when/if that may occur.

Unless it has actually been entered you will not see it stored anywhere.

If you think that maybe one has been entered, perhaps you missed/deleted the email, then look here at all the previous entries,


Click on DPOTD Archives for previous entries.

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