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I want to try some freelance type stuff but I dont know how to get started. I am sending pictures to the local paper to get started but I don't know if that is any good or not. Any help would be good thank you.
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Build up a portfolio of the type of shots that you think the newspaper would be interested in. This demonstrates that you have the skill to capture the images they want.

Then you have to find a way to show them to them. Exactly how you do this I'm not sure, but you gotta find the right person and get their eye. I would start with a smaller, more community paper. Build up a reputation and then move up the ladder.

You can probably do it the way you're doing it (sending in unsolicited work) and if you're good enough this will catch their eye. I don't know how well this works, though.

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It sounds like a good system. If you can impress the picture editor then you'll probably end up on his list of "maybes", and sooner or later they'll end up in a situation where all the other photographers are busy or unavailable, so they'll give you a call and send you off to photograph the local school fair, and if you do a good job you'll get more calls in the future.
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