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nelmr Sep 8, 2005 11:56 AM

I have a Fuji S5100 with about 3.87 usable megapixels. With the camera I can print the following sizes before interpolating:

4x6 @379 ppi

5x7 @325 ppi

6x8 @284 ppi

8x10 @213 ppi

12x16 @142 ppi

I was wondering if printing the 8x10 or 12x16 would be too large for this camera to be able to sell to people. IF I used ISO64 and RAW (which is proven to increase resolution for this camera) would the results be pleasing to the eye at these larger print sizes?

eric s Sep 8, 2005 2:07 PM

To me, the problem wouldn't be the ppi (BTW, correct choice of terms... I much prefer ppi instead of dpi in these cases) it would be the ability to resolve (& reproduce) detail.

If you were using that camera to capture the rocky mountains, I bet you wouldn't do very well because you'd just lack the detail that a higher megapixel camera could capture. If you were capturing a bird, which can have amazing feather detail, then you would also probably be limited due to the lack of resolution in that sensor.

If you were doing portraits, you'd be surprised at how good a job you could do with little detail. I know someone who has a really good portrait which when printed at 13x19 looks really amazingly good (and I have high standards.) It was taken with a 3MP camera, I believe.

In the end, its a question of your standards and the standards of your customers. Take some picture of similar subjects, get them printed at each size, and look at what you get. Is it good enough? Don't forget larger pictures are generally viewed further away.


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