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I wish I knew what Sony's plans for this sensor are (10.3MP CMOS Sensor in the new DSC-R1).

We'll all find out if/when more announcements hit.

But, thinking about the possibilities, I think this sensor could be the size that bridges compact point and shoot models with more advanced DSLR models.

We have compact point and shoot cameras using 35mm film, with the same film used in more advanced fixed lens and interchangeable lens35mm SLR bodies.

Depending on their requirements, some Prosoften went to a larger format, leaving 35mm to consumers and advanced amateurs. There's where newer full frame sensors will come in (replacing the old Medium format).
Yes, I know that some people will object to that analogy. :-)

Of course, we've had many other film formats in recent history, too (APS, 126, 110, etc.).

I'm just pointing out that we are still seeing too many changes in sensor sizes. Yet, this one makes sense for both market niches (compact fixed lens and DSLR models), just like 35mm has been used for a while in both camera types.

If you take the smaller image circle needed for lenses into consideration, with the trend we've been seeing with more lenses desiged only for sensors that are smaller than 35mm film, I think this one could be a bridge sensor.

Why go larger and heavier if you get the resolution needed in a smaller format (other than for some purposes requiring a very shallow depth of field, but I think that could change with further advances in optics, allowing wider apertures).

You can alsoget the wide angle support needed with smaller image circle lenses (at least for most needs).

Also, even though Konica-Minolta is demonstrating that smaller image circle lenses can work with Antishake, a 1.67x crop sensor would give more room for CCD movement at wider focal lengths and apertures. Look at the new Konica-Minolta DT zoom lenses (with one starting at 11mm ) coming out now (branded as both Tamron and Konica-Minolta with only subtle differences between them from what I can tell).

Chances are, the AS mechanism in KM DSLR models is already taking things like focal length, aperture, and focus distance into consideration for limiting CCD movement in some conditions.

But a smaller crop sensor would give them even more leeway to move the CCD to help reduce blur from camera shake.

Don't forget the press releases from Konica-Miinolta and Sony. You're going to see Sony models using Minolta AF mount lenses in the future.

Chances are, they'll have antishake, too (speculation on my part, but I think that's probably a strong reason Sony wants to share technology with KM).

So, this sensor could be a bridge, and perhaps a new sensor size standard, shared between compact point and shoot models, as well as DSLR models.

We could be seeing the new 35mm film (although where Canon, Fuji, and manufacturers using their own DSLR sensors fit in is another story). Of course, Canon buys Sony sensors for some of their non-DSLR models.

Usually, when one higher end prosumer comes out using a Sony sensor, more follow. But, I'll admit this one is unique.

Take the Sony DSC-F828, Nikon 8800, Konica-Minolta A2, Canon Pro 1. They all use a Sony 8MP 2/3" CCD (and many other models of their cameras have also used Sony sensors).

Pentax, Olympus and others have used Sony sensors in their cameras, too. Although, keeping 4/3 in mind, Olympus could go another route.

Many of us have owned a variety of cameras from various manufacturers using Sony sensors. Panasonic sensors do seem to be growing in popularity though. Ditto for sharp.

But, is Sony going to keep this one to themselves? Share it only with Konica-Minolta? Sell it to the rest (Pentax, Canon, etc.), too? Will the others want this sensor, or do they have something else in mind. Iguess only time will tell. LOL

But, I would not be surprised to see both high end Prosumer models coming out (like the new Sony DSC-R1) from other manufacturers using this sensor, as well as some very interesting DSLR models (from at least Konica-Minolta and Sony).

I could be wrong. What do you guys think?

I'm only speculating, as I have no idea what Sony'splans are for this sensor.

But, it just seems to make sense (reducing R&D and production costs by going to a single sensor for both market niches.

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I think you are right there are a lot of possibilities, I suspect it will work out better for the dslr's in konika-minolta and sony lines.

Discussed some of the issues with using large sensors in point & shoots that I see in this post http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23

But that still leaves things high end fixed lens rangefinders making a comeback too.

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PeterP wrote:
I think you are right there are a lot of possibilities, I suspect it will work out better for the dslr's in konika-minolta and sony lines.
Well, that's where some question marks come in.

Nikon, Konica-Minolta and Pentax DSLR models all use Sony sensors (1.5x crop right now).

So, will Sony have a replacement sensor in the same size, or will they try to market this one to the same customers as a replacement, despite it's slightly smaller physical size, with the resulting impact it would have on angle of view with existing lenses?

Or, perhaps they have the exact same photosite design, pixel pitch, supporting electronics, etc., inlarger sensor sizes, with only the surface area and resolution increasing. Again, I'm just speculating.

I just don't see Sony developing a sensor like this for only one model (especially if they're going to list it at $999, including the lens and everything else needed to manufacturer it).

So, I'm very curious what their plans are for this sensor, and what other camera manufacturers may intend to do with it (provided it's for sale).

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