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My Pc which was about 10 years old gave off lots of smoke from its power supply this past week so a new pc was purchased.

As the monitor becomes the eye of the digital camera so to speak it has come as quite a shock to me just how much I was over compensating the settings for my images on the old monitor. I never could calibrate it but hey as long as the pc was working one makes do.

The new monitor calibrates really well and I have now to go back over many of my stored images that look like ***p and correct the many wrong settings made by me in the past.

A lesson well learned
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My 9 year old monitor is just on the edge of calibration. I'm going through that difficult decision of getting rid of a monitor which actually works (as a monitor) but doesn't work well as a photo viewing device.

It is difficult to replace something that seems to be doing ok..... But I gotta do it.

I'm hoping my images look even better!


ps. And its good you've got a calibration device. To all out there who are thinking of getting a new monitor, get a hardware calibration device first. While the Spyder devices aren't great, they are better than nothing and cheap (compared to the next tier up.) Get one of those first, and then you can decide if your monitor really isn't up to snuff.
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