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broisman wrote:
If the problem is compatability with your laptop why not get a pcmcia card that will fit into your laptop that will read CF cards. I bought one at CompUSA for $10. I leave mine in all the time and it works the same as the SD slot and may be a bit faster.
Yeah, but i dont want to add more and more pieces to my laptop. I even removed all the batteries to make it lighter, so it weighs around or less than 1 kg i think
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I even removed all the batteries to make it lighter,
so this pretty much means you have a desktop!?
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Soulcatcher wrote:
7D is in another category, it is better by definition. I've seen some people tested their a200's by shooting in burst mode (5 RAW) - the average time btwn pressing the release button and "busy" led stopping to blink was 37-47 secs - so it means a200 has writing speed of about 1mb/sec. Cards tested were Transcend 1gb 80x (~46secs), 66x Sandisk (~36secs), 45x Kingston (~45secs).

The A200 has a larger 5 frame buffer, with a different buffering scheme compared to the A2, but you'll likely see similar differences between some brands of cards.

So, hereare some example of where KM's Prosumer models can show very signficant differnces between card brands. KM models are known to be a bit "finnicky" about the cards you use in them.

Newer Generation cards also seem to have less problems in the A200 (for example, I've an A200 user report that their Kingston Elite Pro works at around 15 seconds/raw, which is much better than 40+ seconds some A2 owners were reporting with this card, ;-)

But, there can be significant differences between speeds a prosumer model like these get with different cards, despite their slower interface to media compared to a DSLR model like the 7D.

Here are some examples of reported times from A2 users:

But, the times you're going to get from a card will also dependent on a card's generation (i.e., different edge stamps with some, due to component differences within the same card brand/size).

Pny 512 40x One Raw: 8.5 Three Raw:26

Pny 512 40x One Raw: 9 Three Raw: 25

Lexar 512mb 80x One Raw: 11.36

Lexar 1gb 80x One Raw: 12.36

Dane-elec 1 Gb One Raw: 11 33

Dane-elect 256mb One Raw 13.38

Kingston 512mb (Orange) One Raw: 12 32

Kingston 512mb (Orange) One Raw: 12.4, Three Raw: 27.5

Kingston 1gb (Orange) One Raw: 25 (Card Code 9930407-004.A00 and P746969X02)). One the side:4B22D0690 8QC01G1MY1-2LA00

Kingston 1gb (Orange) One Raw: 58 (Card Code 9930407-004.A00 and P744427X02.).

Viking 256mb One Raw: 12,Three Raw: 32

Sandisk Ultra II 1gb One Raw: 15 Three Raw: 45

Hitachi 1GB Microdrive One Raw: 16, Three Raw: 40

Kingston Elite Pro 512mb One Raw: 40, Three Raw: 115

Kingston Elite Pro 512mb One Raw: 45, Three Raw: 105

Kingston Elite Pro 1gb One Raw: 45
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